A trip to Belém!

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    To eat some fantastic Pasteis de Belém last Thursday!!It wasn't that late but the days are getting shorter so at 17h30 is already dark but off we went to Belém anyway. The place was full, as always. If you don't know Pasteis de Belém are known as the 7 wonder of Portugal, they've been making them since 1837 originally by nuns, and it's so popular that the brand itself exports them all the way over to Macau, Singapore...
Nearby the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos is a pastry shop basically the mother of the holy grail of Portuguese desserts: The Pasteis de Belém.

The entrance
Once inside you can either order let's say a box of six or more of those delicious little things and go outside to eat or you can go inside and pick one of the many rooms to sit down and eat them there.

We always go to this room, a large one.We love the atmosphere, the service is pretty good and believe it or not is rather quiet, there ain't a lot of people passing by!

Here they are Pasteis de Belém!Well the adoration to these babes is frankly quite easy to understand once u've taken the first bite. The shell is made of "massa folhada" the equivalent to the France's puff pastry very light and crunchy and tender! Then on the inside there's a luscious and diabolic sweet warm custard all sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar in powder. Oh and they serve them warm too!Straight out of the oven.

And even though i'm a coffee fanatic i was smartly convinced to drink some tea, cus after all it wasn't early and i intended on sleeping afterwords:p So i choose tea, a cinnamon and vanilla tea, so good oh my god you have no idea how good the tea was and it smelled absolutely divine. And no caffeine:p

In the back round is the monastery so called "Mosteiro dos Jerónimos"

    Well if you happen to be in the neighbourhood please go and try some Pasteis de Belém you won't regret it ;) It really is an amazing place to visit and you have the train close by so :D

     Beijinhos and have a good weeekend folks!

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  1. Aos anos que não como um! De cada vez que lá passo a fila é simplesmente enorme e não tenho paciência para esperar :x

    Ao lado também tens o Pão Pão Queijo Queijo que tem umas sandes do caraças <3


  2. What a cool place! And those pastes lloks yummy!

  3. the look so so delicious.i'll keep them in my mind in case i visit that place <3 i follow u my dear if u want follow back :-)

  4. thank you so much for your lovely comment! i can't believe you're in Brazil, so far away! I've always wanted to travel there.
    those pastries/tarts looks so good! I'm following your blog, because this post brought a smile to my face.
    Thank you.
    Meg xx

  5. I like your blog!)

    I'd be happy, if you will follow me: *

  6. Ai os pastéis de Belém :D Estou de água na boca só de olhar..

  7. Awww I love those little tarts! my boyfriend's portuguese and he showed them to me :) they are so yummy! He calls them pastéis de nata, is there a difference? x