Lush Time!

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Hello girls!
I don't go frequently to Lush, it's far away, isn't exactly cheap (although the quality is amazing) and the products they sell really weren't of any use since I only took showers not baths due to my crappy heater.
That all has changed 'cus I got a new, fantastic heater that can heat the water until my skin falls out!I now live for the baths ah 

Buffy - An old favorite. I've repurchased this body butter twice in the 3 times I've gone to Lush. Honestly it's the reason I went back a 3rd time. The weather is getting better, more skin will soon be showing, I need to get rid of all dead cells. I like it, it's thick, it's solid, it exfoliates for real but because it's such a heavy butter (with the cocoa butter, almonds) leaves my skin nourished. It works for me. Highly recommend it.7,95 for 90g.

Creamy Candy Bath - I cut it 4 bits and then let melt in the water. It gives lots of bubbles. Smells sweater than the bubblegum lip-scrub. It leaves my skin soft and creamy. It contains almond oil and cacaupara butter.I liked it, but didn't wowed me like Buffy did. 3,95 for 100g.

The Comforter in Pink - My sis loves it, the smell and the bubbles. Leaves the water pink. She also cuts it in 4 to get more use out of it, and it still makes more than enough bubbles. I'm not a fan of the smell I only bought it for her :p 6,60 for 200g.

Lemony flutter sample - To use on the cuticles or simple as a hand cream. So far so good. Smells divine, "heals" those damn cuticles leaving my skin soft and smelling of lemon. I'm really impressed by it.

And that's all. Thanks for reading.
What have you tried from Lush?  What would you recommend?
Have a good week (I'm on my spring break uh-uh)

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  1. Lush is quite popular where I am! Their products look so lovely, with some shaped to look like food and whatnot! Unfortunately I have a hyper-sensitive nose so I can't use most of their products since they're strongly scented, but they certainly look nice to use every now and again!

  2. Adorava ter uma Lush perto de casa :o

  3. yummy, I need to go to a Lush store soon!
    I always get their bubble bars :p
    I haven't tried the creamy candy bath yet, sounds fun :)