Beauty Tip #2 - Stronger nails

23:37 Ana 6 Comments

Garlic and Nail polish basically.

I'm sure some of you have at least heard this trick before, maybe even some grandma of yours use it. But the truth is, it really does work and it's easy and cheap. 


The only disadvantage is the smell! yes sadly it does smell like garlic when you first apply it, but it goes away shortly after. But it doesn't borders me.


And to this day I haven't notice any alteration in my nail polish.

Here's what to do:

Side Notes:

-  > it's keen that you've already used some of the nail polish so there's enough space for the garlic or else it would spill over and we don't want that; 

-> Cut the garlic in small pieces enough to fit trough the bottleneck;

-> If you're having trouble making it go down just use the brush, way less messy :p .

After all this work you only have to wait about 7-9 days until all the enzymes and vitamins have invaded the nail polish and voilá, stronger nails await you.
Just remember to shake before each time you use it.

Hope it was any help to you.
Do you have a secret DIY beauty tip you would like to share? I'm all ears...or eyes:p
Have a bright week

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  1. Oh wow this is fascinating! I never knew this trick existed. Thanks for sharing Ana <3

  2. Wow, I think I've heard of this before but didn't believe it works! Thanks for the tip :)

    Thanks for the comment too x

    Indie by heart

  3. wow, I have never heard of this trick before!
    I'm still a little iffy on actually doing it though lol!
    but I might just try it to one of my polishes to see if
    it will make a difference! sounds fun! thanks for sharing :D

  4. I also have not heard of this. I will have to try it to see what it does.

  5. I will have to try this for myself... sounds just crazy enough to work! I have trouble keeping my nails long because they break easily so hopefully it will help me. Thanks for the tip!