A little nook in Ericeira

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Hi there!
I gotta tell you I didn't miss exams :/ I've had enough although I'm already on the last ones,the final sprint oh lord give me patience, strength and while you are it give me a super brain!
Today I went for the flowers exam, I can't stand more flowers, plants, sticks whatever it may be....I can't even enjoy or look towards a cup of coffee / tea the same all because of this class. So yeah imagine my face when just before getting in that class my name wasn't on the list. I almost died! And almost killed the lady responsible for it. Let's wait and see the result.
Last friday I went for a walk at Ericeira or a.k.a the mecca for surf just to relax, have a nice break, chill out, you know to try to be a social person again. 'Cus sometimes you need to do a break, studying nonstop doesn't guarantee you good grades or sustenance you'll pass. So getting out of the house is a good thing;)

While doing my walk, already on my way home I saw, from the rode, a small gandering of well taken care of, characteristics houses pretty much built on the sand so I had to get closer didn't I?

I was really amazed by this little nook.
Happy week people!
And for those doing exams, the best of Luck!

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