My Kitten, Lia

20:42 Ana 10 Comments

or rather my sis's kitten.
An adorable 8 weeks kitten, with fur to donate and give.
The moment I saw this little bundle, it was instant, it had happened, I fell in love! <3

So far she's doing well, almost too well. I swear she's completely insane sometimes, trying to get us all crazy with her energy.
She loves everything noisy, specially with wagging fingers.

It's been so long since we've welcomed a kitten in our home. We gotta learn her "signs", find out what food she eats, watch if she's actually eating it, close the windows, watch where we put our feet all the freaking time 'cus she's got the speed of a lighting ball etc.
Now I understand the obsession of young pet's owner with "how, should and must", I'm one of them now. I'm pathetic ahaha but oh so delight with her.

You shall be seeing this ball of fluffy fur and tiny meows often enough

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  1. so cute!

  2. Ooooow sooo cute! We are all the same with little kitten, they made you fell in love with them ^^

  3. Sem duvida, a plataforma faz com que o andar seja mais pratico.
    Que gatinho fofinho, também tenho dois!
    *estou a seguir-te!

  4. Opá que fofura! Aposto que te anda a dar cabo dos cortinados, sofás e tudo o que puder ;)

  5. She is adorable!!! I love cats! :)

  6. Lia is super cute, I always wanted a cat. Thank u for the comment on my blog dear, following u on bloglovin, lets keep in touch

  7. que gatinho super fofinho! :)
    já agora, segui!