"Oh what a Happy day!"

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Yes today was one of those days!
You know how it is, some days feel like sh** others you're on the clouds, the birds are singing and life has never seem more beautiful, well today was one those happy days thankfully!
After i woke up and snuggle a bit on my warm bed i ran down the stairs straight to breakfast to wish my mum a happy, happy b-day when my eye catch a letter to me, written by hand nonetheless, and immediately a smile appeared on my lips! It was a letter from one of my dearest, oldest best friend ever which i met when i was 10/11!! We kind off changed letters some time ago, when we both changed school and sadly couldn't be together like we used to be.
So yeah imagine my delirious happiness when i received a letter from her today and inside was a "fita" (strip, ribbon) a white one on top, for me to sign for her graduation. She's on her last year at uni, my dear Katy is graduating, it's surreal!I'm so happy for her. It was so good to hear from her, see her hand-writting and read everything is ok. Here in Portugal there's a tradition to write best wishes, tones of success for the new phase of life:work, on these small ribbons. An then they go to church to get them blessed for the wishes to became true. Each colour to each field but the white one are reserved for special people, and i got one of those!

I'll make sure to step it up and write a true, amazing and full of love ribbon Katty! For fazer por isso linda;)
Thank you so much!I'm so happy for you, you've grown up, you're pretty much with a foot outside uni i'm so proud of you!!I'm out of words!I like you so much u crazy girl!I knew you could do it!Best friends for life gorgeous!No doubt i'll be there to see your ribbons get blessed but with the "Traje" i'm not so sure it bites my feet ahahXD But obliviously i'll be there, i wouldn't miss it for anything! It'll be such an important day to you! I wanna be there.

And now some picts from my mum's b-day.
She really didn't want to show up, but she looks so hilarious and it's so fun to take pictures of her, i had to include her. My mum is one of those people that alone makes the party.
The birthday gift that made my mum make all of those funny faces: A pair of shoes she's been flirting, from zara.
U have no idea how hard it was to take a decent and still photo of her wearing those shoes!And the tag was still on oh godness!
Happy birthday Mum!!! That many more b-days come!

Oh my was or was it not a good day, today?

Rest of an awesome week

Thank u so, so, so much Katy!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your mum! Sounds like the party was a fun time. It's also really great that you have been keeping in touch with your old friend! C:

  2. love love love those shoes!!

  3. Love the pictures!:)
    I`m following you from now on!:)

  4. ohh cuteeeee shoes i love those!!

  5. It's great to receive letters from close friends!
    Happy super belated birthday to your mom!
    She looks like such a fun person to be around with :p
    the heels look lovely on her!

  6. i love the gorgeous shoes!!! i am in love with them!! they are so beautiful!