Chinese Food,

Chinese Food!!

13:27 Ana 5 Comments

Hello bloggers!! How have u been? For the ones still having exams good luck! 
Thankfully I'm done with mine. Thank u god, cus i couldn't take it any longer :p
Either way yesterday after another bloody, life sucking exam we all went out for lunch at a local Chinese Food. Just to pump in our boost and mode, cus u know there's nothing better to recharge our batteries than some good reassuring and tasty food!
We ordered 3 different dishes all with bambu and gambas obliviously!:P

These one had caju (cashew)!

 Just yummy!! Just looking i wanna eat bambu again!

And then dessert

Fried ice Cream. Hot outside and cold on the inside, devilish yummy & a caloric bomb.

That's why i love Chinese food! Good week folks. I can barely believe i don't have to study like crazy these week, yupiii :D

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  1. All the food looks so good. And fried ice cream - those things are heavenly! Congrats on completing your exams!

  2. Oh nom nom nom nom nom! Those food porn photos look so delicious!! Congrats on the exams hun :)

  3. Delish! I love fried ice cream!! It is truly a guilty pleasure... probably not good for me down the road :p

    Thank you for your warning! I've been off the hydrocortizone cream after using it twice. My skin has healed almost completely! :) I'll keep a look out of the healing cream you mentioned for future use.

  4. yum, everything looks delicious, especially that dessert! :p

  5. wow deep fried ice cream- how do they do that??? I'm going to add that to my "need to try before I die list" hehe. Also the combination of prawns, mushroom and bamboo is one of my fav combinations, my mouth is actually watering! x misstea & co.