'Cus vision is the tact of the spirit

15:14 Ana 7 Comments

Happy Sunday everyone!!
How have u been?
I'm still in the middle of my exams, 5 more to go, but i'm positive, there used to be 7:p
I'm sure it will be worth the non-social life, the lack of patience and inspiration and the overload of stress, i'm sure it will be worth it, cus i intend having 15 days off!
These is a quick post, just to show where i went jogging today. There's nothing better to improve our mode than the warm rays of the sun, a luxurious walk by the beach and a joyful lunch with family!

"Seeing will always be the best metaphor for knowing" by Fernando Pessoa

Beijinhos and...just try to be happy ;D

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  1. Beautiful pictures! It's freezing cold here and has been trying to snow all day so these photos make me wish I was there! I hope your exams are going well. Thank you for stopping by my blog - I keep looking out for vintage tea cups, but so far I haven't had much success finding them. x

  2. Wow, what a beautiful place to go jogging!
    Good luck with your exams!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. good luck on your exams!
    and lovely beach photos :)

  4. that is such a beautiful place for a jog!