Nails, Nails and more Nails!!

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Hey my beloved!! Hope u girls are all right!And for the ones at uni that might having exams the best of Luck!!
Brace yourselves these is going to be a totally girlie post!!All about my currently new obsession: nail polish. Well glittery nail polish actually :p
Ever since i ordered on-line the essie "shine of the times" as my sis birthday gift, i'm obsessed about it!Yes i've tried it i couldn't resist it looked so good on my sis's nails!!Yup all the fuss surround it was correct it really is different and looks freaking gorgeous!!

 These was how my sis's nails looked!! Let me tell you the essie isn't a bumpy nail polish, it's smooth :O. Easy to apply, dries quickly and lasts a lot!.The "shine of the times" isn't suppose to be used alone, it's more like a top coat. And i guess that if u wear it with dark nail polish u'll get more holographic effects!

And these were my nails.See in these one u noticed the green effects a lot more! It's simply gorgeous.(Yup i don't like stuffing all my nails with glittery nail polish just the ring finger :p :p)
But hey we know essie's nail polish aren't cheap or easy to get your hands on, at least the latest collection, so i've been on a hunt to find an essie substitute and being the sales time it hasn't been easy to pick just one! And u know how i am, money is hard to earn so i tend to "flirt" first and only after a couple of thoughts i'll buy it. But then i read on blogs about the Kiko nail polish and how they last pretty well on, and then saw them on sale at 1,50 euros, it was simply destiny!! I picked two! both glittery :P
It's simply amazing how you only take 10 euros to the shopping mall thinking u'll just gonna get 1 coffee and end up spending the entire 10 bucks ahahaha 

Each 1,50 euros!Each with a capacity of 11ml. But i don't know their names i don't think they even have one, and they have a bunch of different numbers so i can't really say for sure

Oh gosh the image does not do any justice to the actual nail polish! I couldn't capture those little sparkly reflects :( Well i can tell you it's easy to apply, it dries pretty quickly and i only needed 2 coats to get the deep burgundy colour i was looking for, well the colour u see on the photo:p After i've said the essie is smooth and not bumpy at all, the Kiko one is bumpy, u can definitely feel the glitters, but i still love it, it lasts a looong time i even dish-wash the other day and yet they've survived so a thousand thumbs up for that, go Kiko!

A closer look of the straight out glittery nail polish from Kiko
It's way more blue than essie, and u don't get those funkie holographic effects, but it's still gorgeous

And just so we can get a better comparison...(and cus i love it!!:p)

Yup the essie is just another level: smooth, dries quickly, the effects are really damn good, last a long time without fading away, the only downside the price!!
And now i'm gonna show u what my mom did to her own nails!:p as anyone heard of gelish polish?
It's suppose to be like the gel type except the part of being terrible to the nails. It's way more low maintenance than the gel, it's 2-3 weeks durable and we've both seen it one other's nails, including my friend Rita and it looked gorgeous, so she went for it.

They were 20 euros, and boy don't they look shiny and pretty. Well we'll see how it goes, so far it's has holden up pretty well!

The Liebster Blog Award

I received, a couple of days in total amazingness, the Liebster Blog Award from the dear Cat from Uk at Beauty Inside and Out . Really thank you Cat, it's my very first award yeeahh. Go check out her blog right now :p, she blogges about "beauty, fashion, health and fitness" focusing more on the beauty and fashion side. She has a cosy, friendly and inviting blog, and it's also very technical /straight to what really matters when it comes to reviews. This award is given to those who are new to blogging and have less than 200 followers.

  1. Thanks your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
  2. Link back to the blogger who awarded/nominated you.
  3. Copy and paste the blog award to you blog.
  4. Reveal your top 5 blog picks!
  5. Drop by your top 5 picks and let them known you chose them by commenting on their blog.

 And now my top 5 picks, boy these are hard, i do have my favourite blogs but they don't actually qualify to the award, they are over qualify honestly, but i'm still let u know what i always read!

  1. Miss Verniz from Blog de Verniz de Unhas , yes i know it's only in Portuguese but it's a blog dedicate entirely to nail polishes, every nail polish u can possibly think off it's there nicely swatched, and it also says how many coats, how long it last...i love it!!
  2. Kristina Bazan from Kayture , a blog about fashion and travel. A gorgeous girl with a perfect sense of fashion and off the roof picts to show it.
  3. The South land life a warm and friendly blog that recaptures all the moments of starting your own family in a new home. With travelling, food, decor and lots of love that's what i like about the blog i get the feeling she puts a lot of love in it.
So what nail polishes from essie u love the must! Let me know cus after the "Shines of the times" i'm really interested in trying out more from essie

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  1. yeaa, you are right, it's for a good cause :-) I'm happy when I have beautiful teeth :) Thank uu so much<3

  2. ohh i love the effect of the top two! super neat


  3. Like them all!!! xoxo


  4. Gorgeous nailpolish! Perfect for a party!!

  5. i love the first one, soooo pretty (: