Santarém - 31st National Festival of Gastronomy

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The entrance
     Hello dolls! Look where i went to this last Sunday!! If you don't know the Portuguese people like to eat well, we're very demanding on our food quality, we have a special taste when it comes to desserts...obviously one have to know where and when to look for the best dishes. And one of the best places to try the different regional dishes is the National Festival of Gastronomy hosted every year in Santarém. We've been going there for about 3, even 4 years now and we LOVE IT!!!
And every single year we go (sprinting ahaha) to our favorite which is the Posta Mirandesa!

I posted this pict just to show the plates aren't they gorgeous with such detail although they still have the napakin on.
         First were the appetizers: fresh cheese, olives, fresh bread

The atmosphere was very welcoming, warm and mostly pleasant. Although it's not able to see, was full!
  The Alheira.
Green wine
    After is the main course!! Served in comunity sytle. We ordered 3 "Postas Mirandesas", basically a whole chunk of meat roasted to perfection accompanied by baked potatoes (still with skin) and tasty cabbage.

So good, the "Posta Mirandesa" is that type of meat that is not suppose to be all cooked or it would lose its tender and the amazing taste.

 When we've meandered our way through that, we went looking for our favorite tradicionals desserts. Again every region of Portugal boasts its own. And my favorite are from the South, the ones from Alentejo and Algarve :P the sweetest ones!

These are the ones from Algarve made of marzipan, almonds,sweet egg...and those little papers indicate their names and price.

This is one of the many tradicional desserts from Alentejo. This slice in particular is made of strands of eggs

The Festival also promotes the handicrafts of each region with stalls of crafts and live performances.

  These are my sister's favorite desserts!! "Ovos Moles" (soft eggs:p) from Aveiro. And the box is so pretty with a picture imitating the ceramic tradicional tiles  ("Azulejos") depicting the everyday of old times. So pretty!

   These are the "Ovos Moles" each box came with 11 of them. Yes they all have sea related shapes because Aveiro is a coastal city and a very important seapost.

      Sorry for the bad lighting!!! But i guess that u're still able to see the inside of the sweets!Yummy!

Sure we've brought some sweets to home!
But no we don't eat like this everyday! No that would be madness, and very unhealthy. Only on speacial ocassions like this Festival and on Christmas. I'm the type of person that stays away from bread, potatoes, rice,  pasta and sweets but twice a year i give in tempation.
 The only bad thing i think is the price! You have to buy ticket to get in the Festival (2,5euros/person and children to 12years don't pay) but then there's the meal (ours was about 70euros for the four of us) and the desserts are around 1,10 a unit and 3 euros for a slice so no it's not cheap, but is soooo worthy it! If you can then sure go ahead it's out of this world won't regret it!
So what do you say? Dying for a bite?
Beijiinhos*** and good week!

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  1. thaaaanks :)
    I like your blog and you are cute , too :)


  2. ohhhhhh that looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will make sure to visit portugal during this festival next year:)

  3. awww looks so yummy *o*

  4. I went Portugal once! It was lovely (and very hot!!) haha! After your blog I want to go again ^^ and thanks for your comment - I think you definitely give King of Skin a try :) it's the most gentle out of all the exfoliators

    I want some of that cake! Haha

    Jessica ♡

  5. wow, it's so interesting to see some typical portuguese dishes...i always wondered what they look like :)
    xx romi

  6. omg,these look so yummy! they make my mouth water! thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

  7. Wow Ana! The foods look so delicious! I agree with your comment that sex sells but then why were those old Hollywood movies without any sex scenes at all do so well before? Why did Hollywood change? I just don't understand that part. By the way, I love portuguese sausages! I buy them all the time! xxoxoo

  8. Wow what beautiful pictures! The food looks amazing, so hungry right now haha.

    Alexandra xo

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  10. yummiii!! everything looks delicious.and thank u so much for your comment u are very pretty too!!:)
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  11. Yumm I'm hungry just seeing all this! That ham and cheese looks so amazing & it's so cool that how they have food and handicrafts from all over! I went to Portugal for a week when I was living in Spain and absolutely loved it- the food and the culture! thanks for your comment on my post, it's so fun to meet people in diff countries : ) (e tambem estou estudano um pouco de portugues asi e bom practica ver o que escrvio em portugues jaja... dont know if that was quite right)