After another crazy week...

21:06 Ana 3 Comments's time for some stress-free moments!! It's quickly becaming a new ritual of mine as the week cames to an end (Thank Good!) to put on some masks, my most comfy clothes, drink a cup of coffee and do something completely ludic non-uni related!
   I went for my 2nd favorite mask (Soap and Glory, scrub your nose in it) and for a nutritive and soothing  mask (Caudalie, Purifyingt Mask) cus when i was a teen i wouldn't listen to anyone and would use my anti-acne creams not just on my affected areas as is supposed to be but all over my face so i ended up with dry pacthes sided with my oily areas, yeah not god at all.Therefore it wouldn't be correct to use an anti-imperfection mask on my dry pacthes, it would only make them even drier, so i gotta use a soothing/nutritive one.

    The left is the Soap and Glory mask, as the one on the right is the Caudalie Mask.
    Please don't mind my very dark under eye circles, remember i'm an uni student so apparently I'm not allowed to sleep :P
    After this extremely girlie moment i grabbed my favorite serie from The BBC,  Pride &Prejudice from 1995 that i managed to get my hands on when i last visited  London (*doing the happy dance*), and i was done for the afternoon. At least till 7pm the time i've set up with my sister to go see together (plus a basket of popcorn) The Notebook

     Who can forget the peculiar Mr.Darcy's Marriage Proposal, or even the scene by the lake when Noah says "It isn't over" and then passionatly kisses Allie? 

Good Weekend my dears!!

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  1. thanks for your comment :)
    Like your blog, you're a pretty girl ;)

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. And I love the two movies above, they are great :)

  3. Hi Ana! This past weekend was crazy busy for me but I managed to finished a lot of my work so I feel proud and productive. I have a tendency to stay up all hours to finish something because if something is not done, that makes me uncomfortable and anxious. I try to relax but like you said, it's quite hard. So you're been watching The Notebook and Pride and Prejudice? I love both but the Notebook...I don't know, I feel like they don't need to show that sex scene...I feel like a prude saying that but I don't know, sex scenes in the movies are so unnecessary in my opinion. What do you think? xoxoxoxo