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Sailboats and Caldas da Rainha

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Hello my beloved!
How have u been??Hope everything's fine with you. I'm almost over with my internship, shame since i'm loving it but also excited as well to finally have my much deserved and wanted vacation!!
But i still managed to get a couple get-away during the weekend, one to the lovely and characteristic Caldas da Rainha, a small village with a huge garden, market always full with fresh and cheap veggies, shop windows showing traditional pottery and also amazing pastries with their regional /characteristic bakes. 
And the other get away, well sorta of, i participated as a volunteer in the Tall Ships races in Lisbon, basically the event consists of a race between sail boats from Europe every year and it so happens that one of the stops they've chosen these year was Lisbon.

Here is the traditional pastries: Cavacas, originally made in the convents, these treat is made of eggs, sugar (lots of it), it's kinda of dry but sweet, no filling.

I ended up going for a pastrie traditional from Aveiro, with a shape of a boat, made with egg sweet and almond, delicious!

So a parade of more than 40 boats filled Santa Apolónia in Lisbon. I participated as a visitor's backup making sure no one passed out due to the ever high temperatures or get lost. 
The event lasted 4 days,  19-22 of July and although i was only there the last 2 days i loved it. It wasn't something u see everyday, so many sail boats, some huge, others a replica of older days, each crew with it's own apparel. It was definitely something else.

 Warning: the next photos clearly are not mine, nor were they taking by me, but they were kindly passed to me by the organization of the event.

The pirates, entertaining the crowd, stealing smiles and sometimes  stealing from the sceptics accusation glances. aha. Congratulations to the group 'cus it was over 30ºC and they still wore those heavy costumes, even i got me a sunburn, on my left ear :/

They left after the 4th day, but not before they gave us a parade down the river. Now that was an image i've never seen before, they were so many!
Gorgeous view right?!

Some of the larger boats, so u can get a picture of how huge they were.It was a success.I loved it!
Please if u can always visit these kind of events, specially when they're free, u'll have a blast and see /learn something extra.

Hope u've liked these post. I may take a while to post, but when i do, i do it with love and great pleasure, and only when i think it's worth showing it!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. ai os ovos moles de aveiro =p que maravilha!!

  2. Otimas fotografias. Obrigada, vou experimentar assim tambem! =) Beijinhos***

  3. Obrigada :D Vou seguir o teu blog *

  4. muito obrigada pelo comentário querida :)

    adorei o teu blogue :)

  5. Ovos moles de Aveiro, que delicia! Estou seguindo já :) *

  6. Olá Ana! É um grande regalo à vista, mesmo! Adorei as fotografias, adoro Caldas da Rainha, ovos moles (aaahhh, que delicia!) e também já me deslumbrei com o espectáculo dos veleiros ao vivo!
    Adoro o facto de estar escrito em inglês :D
    Beijinho, Stay Awesome*

  7. Um post de dar água na boca.:)

    Obrigada pela visita e comentário.

  8. Ana, I am having so much fun looking at your blog! I love all the pictures -- I am such a picture girl myself. Such pretty places! Thanks for finding me so I could find YOU!