Ice cream and Beach!

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Costa Caparica, First day on the beach!
Hello there my beloved!!
Yes i know i've been neglecting, but i've just finished my exams (i've done it all yeeh) and now i'm on my intern-ship on a pharmacy so yeah things have been busy, but u know what i love it, i like to attend the customers / patients, although i have to be "on my toes" all the time and be extra, extra, extra careful and it's kinda hard to be standing all those hours:P
Meanwhile on the weekends i've been enjoying the lovely sun that blesses my country specially during the summer, and went to the beach had some ice-cream all pleasures!

The oh so famous ice cream shop "Santinis" in down tow Cascais, delights both locals and tourists. There's also one Santinis in Lisbon, Baixa-Chiado. The shop is already worldwide know, must tourists arrive with the intention to visit it, so yeah inside u can hear 5 different languages at the same time! And don't be surprise if the waiting line goes outside the shop and sometimes (i've seen it), goes around the block!

Hand made ice-cream with flavours of the day, huge variety to choose from, and they are the BEST!!!Seriously, although not cheap, at least when u eat let say pistachio it tastes like pistachio with little beans in the middle and not a diluted ice-cream.
And if u're undecided you can and should ask to get a little, plastic spoon to try, i know i did it, they were super nice with me.

I hope u're enjoying your summer, if that's the case!
Gets lots of sun! (with sun cream on obviously:p)

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  1. I would love to just hang out and enjoy ice cream if I could! It's crazily cold here, so I envy the fact that it's nice, warm and sunny on your side!

  2. ahhh ice cream and the beach...go together VERY nicely!!! TwT
    the ice cream sounds delish!! ah , i hate it when the ice cream is diluted! so i'm glad it's not!
    i hope you did well on your exams and glad you're enjoying your internship! sounds awesomeee!

    alex @

  3. Ohh, what a perfect day! A day at the beach goes so well with ice cream! Nom nom nom! <3

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