Cascais - 21st European Harleys Owners group!!

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Hello there bloggers!
Just look at what took place last Saturday in Cascais nonetheless! A get together of Harleys Davidson AH!
The village has, what looked like, been invaded by approximately 12 000 of these gorgeous babes, in all shapes, colours, designs, age from all over the glob!
I was so excited when i got in my mail a letter warming us of these event. The perfect reward after a life sucking exam just a couple hours early!
Even though i don't drive bikes it doesn't mean i don't know to how appreciate or even love them.
But Harleys, gosh they definitely are something else.
I felt so rock'n roll during that afternoon :P

First things first, the parade. Did u know that these bikes make sounds just like the ones the cops/ambulances do?I didn't.
And yeah, how can i describe the characteristic sound of the engine?Imagine that sound multiple by the amount of Bikes seen on the photos!
A lot of them were wearing similar vests, and if u watch closely you can see each "stamp" is from a different place, a mark/souvenir if you will of each place they visited, which i thought was so damn cool!

A close-up, u can't help and wonder how much the owner loves it to even care and take the time and effort to personalize such small detail.

Yes the on the left is from the war, which makes it at least 68 years old. Impressive hum?

The engine "deal" (yes i'm as dumb as a wild radish when it comes to engines and how they work) all personalized and handmade

People bought whatever they wanted to put on their vest and they did it right away on the spoke, for at least the more curious to see.

A huge variety to pick from, funny thing though they've come along with the Harleys, for example the ones on the photo came from Ireland, pretty much all the merchants were foreign. Which led me to conclude that owning a Harley is more than a dream, it's lifestyle.They don't just enjoy it, they "live it".

The price included the application.(random i know:p)
The "Baía de Cascais"
 The handle or break, pretty cool no?

Well, guess who end up wining some fans or at least some friends?
How come i'm not surprised?! ahaha
Just give her a vest and a helmet and she's ready to go :D
More details

Oh gosh i loved it! They were all so friendly, funny and carefree. I hope that the Harley's owners who took their take time and patience to travel as far as USA, Angola, enjoyed it as much. I hope they've enjoyed the weather, the food, the people, and come more often. For what i'm concern they could come the next month already:D
For more informations on where they gonna be next check their website:

Hope u've enjoyed it!

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