Sardinhas, Sesimbra

22:53 Ana 3 Comments

Hello bloggers!!
These last Sunday i went out for lunch with my family to the lovely Sesimbra. A bit far away from home, but we haven't been there in over a year, and the last time i wasn't with them so they wanted to show me the warming and lovely village.
And guess what we ate? Sardinhas (=sardines)!! Funny how much better eating sardinhas is when you're not the one doing it! Cus they sure leave a heavy smell on you:P

3 doses of sardines for the 4 of us, accompanied by potatoes (steamed, some with peel others not) and a simple salad with lettuce, tomato, onion...

Fresh fish to select from.

The blue of the ocean, the good weather, those lovely streets by the sea, yeah i love it!

How much effort, time and even love was put in that home!


I hope u've liked these tiny glimpse of sesimbra
Wish me luck because I'll start my exams these week :S


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  1. lovely photos! and yummy sardines :)
    the fresh seafood looks amazing

  2. é realmente muitoooo bonito!
    oh meu deus, SESIMBRA! que saudades de eu tenho de Sesimbra! Este verão fui lá com umas amigas, e já estou com umas saudades do diabo, é simplesmente lindo! Aliás, no dia em que fizeste este post, foi um dia antes de eu ir para lá :)