OOTD - The colour of orange blossoms

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Okay not really!! Orange blossoms are normally white, but i just had this urge to title my post of "orange blossoms"!Don't really know why honestly, but since i could do it I did ahah
Well the weather has been something special to say the least, on Monday it rained, but today it reached 30ºC :o
It wasn't on purpose that orange was the queen in my clothes colour range today. I just "hum at 7h it's a bit chilly but i know i'll be burning by 12h p.m. so i'll take these sweater on top and for the shoes i'll be walking a lot so i'll wear these they're super comfy and the bag is not even up for'll be crocky". Yes i've named my favorite and most expensive bag i ever bought, yes i'm that obsessed :p

jeggings from clockhouse; 
wedges from Teresinha; 
the black sleeveless t-shirt  from primark;  
Orange Cotton yarn sweater from Ana Sousa
 Can you see the golden & sparkly threads?

Have i  mentioned how spectacular is my mother's jewellery collection ? So i wanted to take a sneak peek i swear, just before i left the house but couldn't resist in borrowing this sophisticated necklace from details!!:P
The sweater looks good...Now that i've come to think about it i should wear it more often it's beautiful don't you think? it's easy to wear, light and there's nothing similar to it and the quality it's amazing, and u can always take it off once the temperature is stupidly high:p

Have a nice weekend

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  1. amazing outfit!
    follow you!if you want follow me back!

  2. Love that sweater! I wish my mother had that in her jewelry collection. I would borrow it all the time.

  3. Fabulous outfit! You are so pretty.