Spring/Summer Collective Haul!!

20:51 Ana 4 Comments

Hello, hello my adorable little monkeys (that's what my mum calls my sis & I :p)
How i missed shopping and seeing those front windows!
So here they are some of the things i've collected /bought over the last 3-4 weeks, all spring/summer stuff which is awfully odd since it's raining outside as of now and last night it even rained some hail.
But i can't find it in me to care, i hunger for some springer weather!!

 Above (Left to right): a sleeveless and tight shirt from H&M , 14,95euros. A pink loose and long blouse from primark, 13 euros, to wear with some jeggins
Bottom (L-R): a grey and some what long shirt with some gorgeous details on the neck line and some cuts in the arm area,16,95euros. These one looked gorgeous when i tried it on. A light blue also with cuts on the arms, 9,95euros. Both are from New Yorker.
(L-R): A shirt with mixed colours and mixed cuts, a sleeve longer than the other, super modern shirt and it was 17,95 euros from Zara. The orange shirt with also some longer sleeves kinda flowy, it gives a romantic look when u wear it, was 9,95 euros also from New Yorker.

Look at my new love! A pair of deep blue wedges with some delicate detail near the heel! They are a closed wedges 'cus i bought them with the intention of wearing them to Lisbon trough the metro and trains, and getting dust on my foots isn't exactly my fetish XD
Comfy,wedged heel even though they're quite high but with a nice platform and they were 29,95 euros at Calçado Guimarães!
Oh yeah! 
I've taken so many photos of them it is embarrassing!I was like oh gosh u are so gorgeous you're gonna me look taller, i'm gonna wear u everywhere even my sis gave me that look "Have u gone mad for good?!" and she's used to my "taking photos of food at restaurants!"

That was it!
Happy Weekend dears!

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  1. i love the floral top!!

  2. they look so fresh and it looks like they will feel fresh. perfect summer get up. wedges are cute, i got a pair similar to yours, just mine are made of jean material :) happy summer!

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