Enguias Fritas, Almeirim

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Meaning Fried eels. 
After raining pretty much all month of May and June we finally have sun, warm weather a lot warmer than we actually expected 42º C is awful, but I'll take what I can!!
I've always heard that if you want to eat amazing eels you have to go to Almeirim, cross the 25th April bridge, and from them on more kms of road, it's far away, all for a simple dish. 
Crazy I know considering I don't even like eels! sneaky little snakes like creatures, all ugly and slimy. 
But if someone you love wants to do something, even if you hate it, you're gonna do it if it makes the person happy. So I did.

Almeirim is gorgeous, with it's green fields, the ever present water and a lot of storks on top of the highest post. It made me want to live away from the city, well...only for a few seconds AH
After the little adventure at finding the restaurant: stooping for directions, crossing dust roads with no one in sight, we finally made it to the restaurant where everyone seems to know each other.

The service is lovely, fast and the food was wonderful.
Full of big families and loud happy conversations.
Turns out eels taste like sardines, only better with no spines.
I don't hate eels no more...on my plate that is!

Sorry my absence, between college, internships, reports, exams and the rest, I couldn't keep my weekly blogging.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Gostei muito das fotografias! Beijinho

  2. great post honey , the photos are amazing!


  3. Intresting placxe and pictures :)

  4. obrigada <3
    ela gostou bastante :)
    boas fotos :)

    1. Obrigado por me fazer feliz.beijito