Portimão, Algarve

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Beach "Praia da Rocha", Portimão
My very first post of the year 2012!Happy New Year everybody :D
How have u all been? Yes i know i'm kinda of late with the post but hey i'm back at uni.
Well as i've said i went to Portimão to celebrate the arrival of the new year, and i was so lucky cus i've spend 3 sunny & warm days there and it was AWESOME! Portimão during non-summer days is quiet, peaceful and most stores are closed but it was just what i needed: some rest, take a walk and just do NOTHING, u know damn well that Christmas break is a lie we have exams as soon as the new year begins, but at least i don't need to get up at 5:30am everyday uffa:p
Back to Portimão, it's lovely it really is specially if u happen to catch good weather like i did. It's a splendid summer get away. During the Summer is hot, sunny shines everyday it's loved by tourists and even cherished by them i guess the 30ºC temperatures has that effect on people used to dark, cloudy sky and 10ºC for Summer :p And yeah the food and the beer also have its charms, the restaurant's terraces are flooded with happy, satisfied tourists showing off their proud tummies and red skin, ohh how I understand you ma dears :D

And yeah my dad went crazy and decided we were going to a 5 star hotel for the first time ever!The price wasn't that different from the others I think it was around more 50euros than the others places (including breakfast) so what the heck we went for it. But i didn't like it to be honest, yes it's amazing, the view is outstanding, the bedrooms were enormous, the food good, the pool huge, the people there were very nice it had sauna, jacuzzi, hairdresser, a casino...But i just wasn't comfortable, i felt kinda of an outsider among those people, it definitely wasn't my cup of tea. A lady stooped by our room every night wishing us good year asking if we needed assistance in opening the beds (looks like rich people don't even open their own beds!!!) and offered us candy u know what i'm trying to say?I would rather go a small apartment and wake up when i wanted to and eat what and whenever i wanted to and not have to worry about someone coming to check on me at night. Still it was an experience but one i'm not very kin to do again.

The amazing view to the Beach from our hotel room

My favourite thing about the hotel was that I just wasn't close to beach, i was ON the beach :p

Oh and yeah imagine our surprise and wonder when we were exploring the hotel and started hearing someone say "Olá!" (Hello) and was a beautiful macaw (is that right?) named Laura!!
She's just so adorable, she even poses for the photos and shakes her head when i asked if she isn't gorgeous? And she was on the loose on top of everything, she never left her perch and there was no one around!Gorgeous!
The firework to celebrate the up coming of the new Year! And as usually i ended up getting a bath of champaign and got hit on the leg by a stopper!I sure do hope it's some sort of a good omen :P

Portimão's Marina
The beach "Praia da Rocha" seen from the "Miradouro de Sta Catarina"
Well hello tourists! These type of situations are perfectly normal. Apparently they are so many British living in Algarve that in case the euro dies they have an entire plan to "rescue" them, from what i do not know.We're in the middle of the winter, oh right it was about 17-19ºC that day but still, and to celebrate the new year they were going to take their first bath on the ocean. And that gentleman must have lost his entire clothes and was using some of his wife' least it wasn't a bikini as i've seen before!!!They are so funny and playfull!

And finally after 5 months apart i've touched sand again:P It's kilometres and kilometres of fine & warm sand until they hit the calm & tepid waters of the Atlantic ocean. Believe it or not since the outside temperature was close to the water's it was better than during the summer.
And i was booming with happiness, me and everyone of my family we couldn't believe that in the middle of winter we managed to catch such good weather.
And now the city centrer of Portimão, where all the good and yummy stuffs,oh and very characteristic of Algarve, lives!
"Largo do Dique"
First this is a place where they sell delicious and huge and cheap ice-creams. Memorize the name and how it looks!! The best is when you order ice-creams from the machines on the back (red square mark) and then you can choose how many flavours you want and the shape of your ice-cream by looking at the list (marked with a yellow circle).
See how it looks? These one has 2 flavours: vanilla and chocolate and it was 2,10 euros!It really is that good.Check it out, i've only found about it cus of my godmother told me;)
And around the corner on the street "Júdice Biker", another place to visit! If you haven't heard one of the most famous Algarve's delights are "Doces Finos" and here is were they sell the best of the best! Just in front of the bank. Don't let others fool you, these is where they sell the best ones!!
The front windows filled with their traditional handmade pastries. Some made of figs (the dark ones) and others made of "Doce de Amêndoa" (Sweet Almond and marzipan) the colourful ones.
A close up on the "Doces Finos" the ones made of marzipan and sweet almond filling, definitely my fav :D
 The usual tiny cup of pure and strong coffee and a pict of the sweet almond filling!There's a huge variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, each 1,10 euros. There's pigs, fishes, birds, Santa, rabbits, cherries...The bigger the more filling they have :P They are good, but if your not a fan of marzipan then u probably won't like them which is a shame. They are so good that they're addicting. U gotta try them for heavens sake, i don't know how to describe them, they leave me speechless.
 More "Doces Finos". ALL HANDMADE
The pigs are so cute!!!
And sadly we had to leave Portimão and head back home
 But there still was one last stop before home for lunch. Yet another place where they offer traditional "Alentejana" food in Ourique.
The entrance consists of local olives (see how they're not alike and perfectly round that means they're fresh) and olive oil cheese just awesome for my lactose allergic.
 The main Course: "Migas à Alentejana" ! Pig meat barred with ground pepper and garlic and then fried. The fat released from the meat is then strained. Then is added to sliced ​​bread (plus water) and it's immediately crushed until it's acquires a form of a ball and then it's served with the fried meat, as seen on the photo. It's a 7,50 the dose. On the picture u see a 2 size dose.
A 1 one dose size of also "Migas" but these time not pig meat but T-bone steak. Not as good as pig, go for the pig instead ;)
 Yummy this is what i call eat till to u drop. The desserts were disappointing for a restaurant that has pretty much everything local and fresh the desserts were straight out of the package, just awful, i don't recommend them, don't waist your money on them. Other than that the dish is the best i've ever try of "Migas" u won't find it cooked that well anywhere else and such a good price.
Again i do not eat like these everyday just during festivities and it's over now, back to gym, reality and long walks not that i don't like it!

More "Doces Finos"
Hope u liked the post sorry it was so big but i've taken 421 photos i had to show a bit :P
I wish u all a wonderful year full of success, health, love, peace, happiness, and that all your dreams came true!! Beijinhos***

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  1. thank you so much for your lovely comment. yes it was cascais. i was there in august. it was so beautiful.
    your pictures are so wonderful. i like the view and of course the delicious food :) yummy!

    lovely greets
    maren anita

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  2. aaw wow it looks absolutely amazing in Portimao! Really makes me want to go even more in the summer :) and woah the hotel looks lovely! I know what you mean though about feeling a bit out of place, but I bet everyone feels like that haha when we went to Spain we got into a weird situation (the place we were staying wasn't any good, everything went wrong!) so my dad booked us into a hotel (depsite the fact he was in France at the time) and the only available was a really posh one, and we arrived at 11 in the evening, looking completely messy, because it had been boiling hot and we had to pack all our stuff up etc we felt like homeless people compared to the actual guests!haha but I love the luxury part of it ;) anyway, your post is so lovely and the pictures are gorgeous :) I adore your blog! I feel like I'm learning a lot about Portugal :) Thanks for your lovely comment, by the way :) xxx

  3. such lovely photos!
    I can tell you had a great time :)
    I would love to go swimming in that pool!
    the Macaw is beautiful!
    and the food looks delicious :)
    and thank you for your comment on my blog! :)

  4. Wow, gorgeous photos! Looks like you had an amazing time. That hotel is absolutely beautiful and the view from it is amazing! x

  5. Such beautiful pictures, you look gorgeous too :D

    I have nominated you for an award, check out my blog for details xxx

  6. The view is absolutely gorgeous. Algarve indeed is a must-see paradise. Many thanks for bringing readers along your awesome holiday.