Tiny Haul!

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  And i mean tiny!:D
  Hello dearest bloggers how have u been? I'm so sorry i took so long to post again, but please bear with me it's been a rocky week even more then usual, can u believe i even had a math test last Saturday?Oh the nerve of those teachers :S here's another prove that uni students aren't allowed to have a social life, rest & sleep :P
  I'm gonna show the things i bought for the last couple of months that i think can be some what interesting!

 Well i bought: 
  • 2 pairs of black leggings from zara! Mine are getting, not old, but since i use them a lot...
  • 1 body lotion from Uriage it is so damn good. To me this is the best one i've ever tired, and i've tried a lot, from Aveeno, Vaselin, Palmer's, from the body shop, Ducray... It has a distinct smell characteristic of the main "ingredient" and is absolutely heaven to the more sensitive and dry skin, basically the type of skin that needs "food" and is very prone to have allergies. I really do advice to try it, although it can be expensive and i bought the big one (400ml) u can get the smaller one (200ml). I always like to have one of these as a backup. I don't use it on regular basics but i keep one just in case my skin decides to go nuts and develop any allergies.It hydrates and sooth my skin at the same time. LOVE IT!   
  • The new Normaderm Anti-Aging facial cream by Vichy, for oily skin that already shows the first signs of aging. This has amazed me in a good way, i'll probably post an entire post about it.  
  • And the worldwide known products by Lush, Buffy (the big nude & square)and a sample of Stepping Stone (the blue one)  the lady was so kind to give me=).Well buffy is really good besides scrubbing so well i leave the shower with my skin feeling just as soft as if i've put on lotion.

        And to show how those leggings look on....
              This pair is more simple, very comfortable and warm. And it has a nice cut / design on the knee that gives an extra rebel and fashionable twist to it. But it's still totally wearable! It was 19,95 euros.

                 And these are the more daring leggings, but definitely my favourites. They have a side elastic band that hugs my waist & hips just perfectly. And they have a straight line if you can call it that that goes all the way down to your feet. I wouldn't say it's high waisted but it's definitely more then the first pair. These ones i'll probably wear on a night out, lunch out or when i'm feeling extra daring :p Also very comfortable and warm.These were 19,95 euros as well.

        Well that's it, i hope u enjoyed it!
        Let me know what you think!!

        Good week!!

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        1. Nice blog! I added it to my favorites. I visited Portugal in June and I was so in love - and want to come back one more time!

        2. Thanks for your comment on my blog :) I love Lush products, I could buy the whole shop!

        3. love the pants!

        4. Thank you so much :)
          The second leggings looks great!

        5. Hey doll thanks for stopping by my blog.

          Looks like you had a fun day shopping xoxo

        6. I love both leggings!Great buy! And Uriage products are great!! i also want tpo try the normaderm !

        7. can't wait for the vichy normaderm review!
          and the leggings look great!

        8. Zara leggings are so flattering and gorgeous! Also thank you for my comment and I did get the job :) xoxo