My Christmas Experience!

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   Hello dearest!!
   How have u all been? Hope u've all had a funny & wonderful Christmas day surrounded by all those loved and cherish ones!!Mine was pretty cool too!:p With joy, fun, good mode, lots of laugh and lots of amazing, out of this world, yummy, delicious, traditional Portuguese home made dishes, desserts...u get the picture! Hey i've warned you that i forget the meaning of the word diet during Christmas holidays and the Gastronomy Festival in Santarém!
  In this post i'll show you how my week before Christmas was, all the preparations, some night seeing, and obviously some bits of my Christmas day ;D Hope you enjoy, i know i did!;D

 Baking "Broas de batata Doce", meaning these little pastries are made of sweet potatoes, eggs, and they're absolutely amazing, a true traditional Portuguese Christmas Sweet!

Before going to the Oven!
And after!Don't they look delicious?And devilish yummy?:DLet me just say we only did half the recipe and we still got 40 of them!

This is how we entertain ourselves while the pastries are on the oven! Singing or maybe more like screaming and laughing to be more accurate :P

Yup we just don't enjoy, we LIVE Singstar!
And now my all time favourite pastries during Christmas!! Azevias de Grão (flounder grain, boy doesn't that sounds awful!) and they're made of a fine, tasty mass on the outside and by the way that mass takes white wine among flounder, sugar...But it's on the inside that the treasure lives. A dense filling so strongly delicious, and after the first bite you can straight away tell it's made of eggs, cinnamon, almonds.I love them, i hunger for them, they're all mine!!(ok not really:p)

And then they go frying. Now these phase is incredible fast, but the process of actually making the amazing filling is quite delicate and slow u always need to be close and keep an eye on it every second or it can get burn very easily.

In the Top is Filhós, on the left Sonhos (or dreams), on the right my dearest Broas de Batata Doce and on the bottom my yummy Azevias!

Some local Christmas lightings

And now my Christmas family dinner. Even though most people eat turkey or even dried cod we prefer "Bacalhau com Natas" which is a very Portuguese dish that includes salt dried cod w/ fried fries and natas (butterfat i guess...) some salsa, slices of carrots and olives just DIVINE my favourite seafood dish. My mom  makes it every Christmas, sadly it’s takes a while to make it and it takes it’s time to hit perfection, so "we" (i only cut the potatoes:p) don’t do it often enough, and it's so caloric aiks!

 Dessert time!! Even though we've been eating yummy pastries for the past 2 days, they can never fail our Christmas dinner.

Who has never tried a divine Tawny Porto?DO IT, then you'll be saying "beer who?"

 If you're wondering that bright yellow thing are "Fios de Ovos Moles" or strands of eggs and it's lies on top of another Very Portuguese Dessert "Bolo Rei"

I gotta love the poses my sis does for the Photos, the little bee ahah :D

How those jackets look on us?I've been wearing it pretty much non stop these last days, it's gorgeous, cosy and warm

 Ahah see the last photo on the right? That's my sis showing me just how bad i am at wrapping presents :D She's complaining at our father that little work of art :D

More local Christmas lightings. So charming

 And more SingStar Moments!! We have ABBA and Disney and we looooooove them both like crazy

 Well that's all, what do you think?? Do we eat well or not?? Gosh how i love Christmas!

Hope you have a wonderful New Year, full of success, love, peace, health all good things!:D
Where are you going to celebrate the New Year? I'm going to Algarve, Portimão YEEEEAAAAHH

Lots of Beijiiinhos

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  1. Cute Christmas pictures; you guys look like you had a ton of fun. (:
    Check out my blog?
    I'll definitely follow, if you follow me. (:

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, really appreciate it! :)

    Lovely blog - now following! :)


  3. wow everything looks so yummy :D and everything's so nicely decorated :) aaw how lucky, I've always wanted to go to the algarve, we might go in the summer :) must be amazing! xx

  4. Happy New Year!
    your Christmas tree is adorable
    and the sweet potatoes and egg recipe is genius!
    I am definitely going to try it. It seems very
    easy and healthy :) hope you're having a great week!

    lovely photos :)

  5. This post makes me so hungry !!! Great blog
    Robyn xoxo