My White Christmas Tree!....( plus dinosaurs??!!)

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  Hello bloggers! Oh my God I can't believe i'm on my Christmas break from uni yupiii!!:p
  Yes u've read that title well i have a white Christmas tree and i loooove it! Well my family loves it too! Different, pretty, so modern, oh so classy and chic, it's white so it goes well with pretty much anything that happens to cross our minds, and the mainly reason is because the old one, the normal green one, was really really really really really old, older than me actually! :O So yep my mom went nuts (although to her that's normal :p) and got a white Christmas tree yayyy!
 And this year we went for the blue and gold colors to pimp our tree!:P

This little horse is so old i think i was about 5, definitely when my sister didn't exist, when my mom got it, it's still so cute!

All these gorgeous decorations were hand picked my my mother and her amazing awesome taste!
And now the dinosaurs!! Well for the ones that cross the Marginal i'm sure u've seen a huge t-rex at the front door of the old "Casa da Cordoaria". Yes there's a exhibition of dinosaurs hosted there and me, my sis and daddy went over there yesterday. The prices were: 3euros to the 3-12 year old; 6 euros older than 12 years old; for a family the price is 18 euros, and by school there's a discount which i'm not sure of the amount!

Here's the big guy!! Well at first the exhibition doesn't seem that excitement but once you've reach the end there's lots of fossils with different sizes and shapes. But the best is definitely the end, there's a fair share of animated real size of dinosaurs biting each other, making a lot of noises yeeeh i liked it honestly i believe it was pretty damn good, it's not the National Museum of London let's be real, but it's worth the trip!Specially for the younger ones, they'll love the real size animated dinosaurs!
How do u like my big wavy hair?? I have absolutely no idea what i did for him to be like that yesterday! With each day i honestly think that my hair has a tough personality!He does what he wants!:D
And yes that's the joy of my life my younger sister Beatriz!:D :D

I honestly would like to show you some picts of those animated dinosaurs but they didn't let me take a single one :( Why oh Why? If only i had my dear friend Viorica that day things would have turn out differently :p

Here's what i manage to get. I'm so ashamed! :D :P
Have a good week and if that's the case Enjoy the Holidays!!!:D

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  1. ur christmas tree is so original! cute! I love it:)

  2. Very nice christmas tree ! :)) <3

  3. Ooh I love your Christmas tree!! White ones are my favorite, but yours must be the prettiest I've seen with all the added blue and gold ornaments. Cool exhibit....I remember going to one like that when I was young and I loved it:)

  4. First- thanks so much for saying my portuguese is good, I'm def not as great as I used to be when I had my class but trying to pick it up again is def fun! & don't worry, any time you want to comment in portuguese no need to translate- since I speak Spanish it's totally easy to understand written (of course speaking/writing is a whole other story haha). Love your "pimped" tree & looks like a fun exibit, I love family outings like that! & I looove your hair wavy, leave it natural, it's so pretty.