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    And i don't regret it!! I've been shopping a lot lately. Shopping for Christmas gifts that i can't show here at least for now cus there's always someone spying :p and shopping for me, picking things that i needed like high knee boots and a new cosy jacket, cus i use mine so much & it's time to let it die in peace :p
   This post is more like a collective haul of the things i've been buying for the last 3 weeks. Normally i shop this way: I see something that i like!Yup i'm super happy that moment: If it's something that i'm gonna wear or the one i have it's getting ugly and very used up and it's a decent & reasonable price i'll buy it!These way i don't ended up with my closet full of things i'll never wear and without a single cent in my account!I also try to go for quality over quantity i'll rather spend 30 euros on a good quality sweater and know it's going to look good for a couple of years than buy 2-3 less expensive ones each year.
  I love to buy shoes and boots in down town Lisbon!! There's tones of good shops there, with amazing quality and even more amazing prices. It's pretty much guarantee that u'll find what you're looking for at a affordable price. I always pass by "Teresinha" near the hard rock cafe and then walk all the way over to Martim Moniz to "Calçado Guimarães" i just have to at least see their windows and check out what's new!

     The first one is from "Punto Roma", love the colours, love the feathers, it's really comfy to wear, great quality and it was 36euros, a piece that in 5 years will still look as good as today!
     The second is from "Pull & Bear", a blue simple cardigan and it was 19,99euros. I didn't have one yet, and i intend on using it with leggings and high knee boots a normal casual look.

   The 3rd one is also from "Punto Roma" and it also was 36 euros, and it's so gorgeous!! It's a 2 type of fabric piece.  A silky front with the flowers on it and a stretchy one, making the piece cosy, easy and comfortable to wear.
   The 4th is a warm, cosy jacket from "zara". Really comfortable and perfect to use for uni!The white fabric reminds of sheep fur it's so soft. At 39.99euros what more could i ask for?

  A close up of my 2 favourite pieces!!I think i'm in love...:p

       And now some photos from when i went to Lisbon hunting for the perfect boots!

    The hard rock cafe!! It might not have a entire room full of things from artists but hey we have a Cadillac hanging up on the ceiling!! How cool is that?
So here's the boots! Warm, comfortable, tall enough to make me look taller and slimmer:P. At 22,90 euros from Teresinha

    And black studded Pumps!I've been looking for these for so long....I wasn't going to spend 90 euros on pumps from Aldo, and i found these ones at "Calçado Guimarães" at 9,99 euros! They look better on believe me. But yeah with beauty comes pain. I guess they're made for skinny feet which mine aren't :P Still i love them to dead, i'll be wearing them every single chance i get this winter!;)

Hope u've liked this post! Let me know what you think!!
Good week bloggers! Christmas is almost here yupiii!!


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  1. Thank you for your comment! And no, I don't mind! Twist away!! haha. It's such an easy way to get your belt under control. I hate it when it dangles out randomly..

    found the route

  2. I almost bought the same exact cardigan with the elbow patches from H&M last week!

  3. I love the blue cardigan!he looks comfortable but still pretty!

  4. I love it, but you are shopping addicted, don't you think? ;)))) so many things what you buy...GREAT!:)