Glimpses of Sintra

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Glimpses of my beloved Sintra!
Always a pleasure to go to this charming villa during the warm days, and feel the fresh air.
I've recently found a group through facebook that does tours with an historic and all trough Sintra, the castles, those little "hidden" roads, stops at doors and windows which seems normal to Sintra but turns out they have the most delicious history behind. It was pretty awesome to say the least. 
After 4 hours of walking on dirt, dust and steep streets I was exhausted but really happy. It Felt good.

Quinta da Regaleira
Palácio da Pena

Palácio da Vila seen from above
Castelo dos Mouros (Mourish Castle)

I'll be doing another tour under the theme "Mythological Sintra" soon. We'll see a different Sintra. 
I can't wait, Sintra + Myths to me sounds like a mix from heaven.
Hope you've enjoyed these tiny glimpses of Sintra
Have a good week

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