Quinta do pisão, Sintra

21:12 Ana 3 Comments

Walking by the sea is lovely and all, but I gotta switch it up and choose a more daring place don't I? A place more inclined to make me sweat, or I'll just be distracted by the views of the ocean (and the surfers :p) and do nothing to get me fit!
So i choose the mountain of Sintra, full of vibrant trees, full of flowers, all green since it's been raining so much this year. It's definitely quieter, colder, less crowed and a lot harder than the forever straight seawall.
It has been remodeled, with wider roads, all neat, less weeds. It's different from what I remember, it's much better. No cars allowed or any motorcycle so it's safe to walk around freely.

Well how surprised and intrigued I was when I came across this fellow knitted fellow. Looks really funny and  must have taken a lot of work, gosh.

I highly recommend it to visit or jogging. Easy to get there, to park the car. One can take the dog also. Perfect for those warm, warm, warm days.
Happy weekend!

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  1. lovely photos!
    that knitted fellow sure is random and funny lol

    There's a forest/large park in my area and I love to walk
    by during the spring/summer time, but if I see any mosquito's,
    I'm out of there for sure >< I always get bitten!

  2. I've been there, it's great! :D
    always good to have contact with nature. Always good to visit again, who knows!? Keep these interesting posts comming!!

  3. Oh pretty! I like how you take your photos! :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Would like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know! xx