Costa Caparica,

Fonte Da Telha,Costa da Caparica

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A family day out! That's what we did last Tuesday we re-visited our most beloved summer beach Costa da Caparica (in Almada) during the winter strange enough. It was freezing and even getting out of the car was hard, don't let the pretty and full of light pictures deceive you, it was damn cold!
The special thing about Costa da Caparica? We spend entire summer days there without struggling to find space to lie down. Besides it's vast miles of sand (about 30 km), mild ocean temperatures during the summer, rather easy access, besides being beautiful well It's "a prehistoric beach landscape" which means it's pretty much a fossil by it self! No wonder so many folks love it.

And then we reached the beach Fonte da Telha. With it's vast sand and a landscape protected by it's natural wealth. It's highly sought after either by surfers or common people like me.
It's based at the bottom of a cliff and those little, small coffee shops, restaurants and bars give a colorful and picturesque sort of vibe to the beach.
The rode is made of sand and clay and let me tell, walking on it was like going on a small roller coaster, up and down up and down, we were laughing our ass off, everyone was having the same problem, it was so funny! It was already sunset but I promise the next I visit I'll take better pictures preferably during the day.


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  1. Beautiful photos, the sunset looks amazing x

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog :)

    So beautiful photos! You have a great blog, so I`m now following you!

    X Camilla

  3. so beautiful pics, great post!
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  4. Beautiful photos of the beach! I miss the beach sooo much! The freeze breeze is amazing.

  5. So beautiful. I love the beach and this one looks really nice.