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Hello gorgeous!
Gosh judging by the amount of empty stuff I've accumulated I'm getting better at this! It better be after I've strategically place my oh so smelly lush bag (the bag I use to store empties) by the door right in eye sight and pretty much threaten everyone who in their zealous pursuit of cleaning  might be tempted to trow my bag out ahah

Uriage Suppléance Corps (500ml) (19€)- A really nice,light lotion for normal to dry skin. Easy to apply, absorbs quickly enough without living a white sheen or staining the clothes. It has perfume in it. It isn't thick, definitely more liquid than lets say Nivea cream for example and lighter than Xémose. Leaves my skin nourished, soft and smooths the itching. 
Uriage Xémose (400ml) (25€)- A body lotion with a rich texture, deeply nourishes the skin, giving it  elasticity, making it more resisting. It's an antipruritic so restructures and calms. Again really easy to apply, doesn't leave any white or oily sheen, it has a remanence of 48h. It also has a cumulative effect. No perfume although the smell is due to the main active ingredient. I love it, it's my favorite of all body lotions or butters. I specially use it during the winter/colder days when my skin is more fragile and itchy. And has been the key to extend the relapses of my atopic skin. And now with a new package, by vacuum to avoid waste. To me is really the best! Worth the try. The price fits its quality/quantity, but I try to switch up with cheaper ones while having one as a backup/emergency situations. 

Klorane, vitaminized gloss balm with pulp cider (150ml) (8€) - It had a light yellowish tone to it and a pleasant refreshing smell. It isn't a balm that smooths the hair, no! It does exactly what it says "detangles and adds shine". My hair was definitely shinier and easier to brush through with tones of volume right away without any styling. But not smoother, no. Shinier Yes! So if you're looking for a nice balm of a better quality and not so much softness then give this one a go. I've bought it at a local pharmacy but it's also available in parapharmacy.
Garnier, cocoa butter and coconut oil Shampoo (250ml) (3€) - Cleans my hair and helps to detangle it.  It height my hair down, as expected, and if I don't use a good condition after, my hair feels dry. I know that as far as the ingredients go they aren't the best ones they include some nasty ones, but I need to have a normal, old school shampoo that washes my overly stressed oily and full of build up products, hair. I don't seem to get quite the same refreshing /cleanness with high end shampoo even the clear ones. Overall I like it, its efficient and easy to get a hold off (supermarket).
Vichy, Soft and Fortifying Shampoo (200ml) (9€) - It's basically a shampoo full of minerals for frequent use to normal hair and it claims to strengthen and soften the hair.The minerals include magnesium, iron, calcium all antioxidants, stimulants and protectors of the hair. It had a clear, gel-like texture, nice scent. Although its better quality,it still contains bad ingredients, as most do, but fewer. I did notice my hair felt stronger, more resisting, it almost seemed thicker. Gentle to my scalp, didn't dry my hair out, didn't build up. But it didn't leave it feeling softer.Washes nicely. If it was cheaper I would get it on a regular basis. Awesome to use intermediate with treatment shampoos but I wouldn't use for the blonde hair.

Caudalie beauty elixir (30ml) (10€) - A beauty water with Grape, Orange Blossom, Rose, Lemon balm organic Rosemary. It's an absolutely addiction to spray it every minute on your face. It's refreshing, leaves my skin feeling really soft, reduces pores, the smell might too much for some, so before you buy do smell it. It's a luxury product but it's lovely. I love that it's basically a tonic with a spray and a much nicer smell. If I happen to have 10€ to splurge and I'm feeling it, I might get it.
Natural, Máscara de Argila Verde (50ml) (<10€)- It's an old favorite, everyone in the house uses it. It's a green clay mask, no need to add water, it's already done and ready to use. Easy and good to apply, feels fresh. Gets ride off all the oiliness without drying out too much leaving my skin soft.I apply it with an old brush from school. It's lovely, getting another soon.
Body shop,Tea Tree Blackhead exfoliating wash (100ml)(8€)- It's a green exfoliating wash with also dark greens beads. I didn't like it, it didn't do anything to my skin, although it's still better than nothing. It didn't get ride of the dirt / oily enough, nor did I feel my skin any softer. The only thing I liked was the smell. I'm glad I'm getting rid of it, I wasn't lucky with this one.
Uriage, Stick labial (7€)- This stick is soft, gentle to apply, slides through the lips nicely, doesn't or leaves any colour but leaves a bit of a shine, no taste, it doesn't break (at least not that easily). It has a good nourishing formula leaving my lips happily hydrated. Compared to the labello, it's smoother, feels more natural, the hydration lasts longer and it's quicker adsorb. The only thing I hate is the damn price :/
La Roche Posay, Cicaplast Baume B5 (9€) - I've done a full review on this one with swatch and all check it here. It's a healing balm for the the everyday (minor wounds/cuts etc) contains antibacterial agents even against acne. It hydrates and speeds up the healing. For the colder days I've been using it as my daily moisturizing after I've run out of the hydrance optimale light from Avéne. My skin feels great, no pimple in sight although the pores are a bit larger :/ Overall, I advice to get one, just not as a daily moisturizing.
Avéne, Hydrance Optimale, Light (40ml) (20€) - A daily moisturizer suited for normal to mixed skin. With a fresh and fine texture leaves my skin soft and infinitely comfortable all day long. It both captures my oiliness and hydrates my skin without clogging or trigerring it. It's enough to protect my skin against harsh winds or colder days. I use it during the day while at night I use a specific one for oily prone skin. An ideal face cream for the oily skins that from time to time seems to get dryer either due to the weather, prescription pills etc. Definitely getting one again.There's also a same one only with UV protection and a richer one for dry skin. 
Avéne, Clenance k (40ml) (14) - This is an old one. It supposedly exfoliates and drys out pimples, black heads. It has a gel texture and it's suited for skins with lighter imperfections. It gets the job done, yes it does but the thing is that It stings and not only for 5 minutes.It makes sense since it has glycolic acid. But yeah I've found my self running away from it, not using it as frequently as I should. But it's effective, I just can't take those stings on my nose! I'm way too sensitive LOL I advice instead the cousin from La Roche Posay, clenance K, does the same, only it doesn't sting.

So what do you think? Hope you've find this somewhat interesting and helpful
Yes I like Uriage, but in no way I'm sponsored (I wished lol) but you know how it is once you like a product normally you tend to stick to that brand.

Please share comments, experiences!!

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  1. Olá...
    Passa no meu blog e vê o que está lá para ti.

  2. I'm one of those people who would have thrown
    your bag out lol I can't keep that many empty
    products! I have the urge to just recycle/throw
    them out immediately :p

    I think I need to look into the Avene clenance K
    sounds effective, except for the stinging part ><