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Hello beauties!
What do you know I got an award, the Liebster award. First of all thank you Silvana from Paradise of Beauty for rewarding me with the Liebster Award. Check her out, she's a Portuguese blogger who writes about beauty products and fashion.
So lets get to it.
The rules are:
- Post 11 things about me
- Answer the 11 questions
- Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers, post their links and let them know about the award.
- Make 11 new questions to the nominated bloggers.

11 things about me:
1. My hobby is messing with my little sister. Making her a better person, a stronger person ahaha
2. When I was 15 years old I got a drawing of mine published on a schoolbook.
3. Whenever I have spare time I read, a LOT. Mainly in English on FanFiction.net. No pc = no books, no reading for me.
4. I love watching multi-fandom and beauty videos on YouTube.
5. The car I drive is only 2 years younger than me.
6. I run away from home when I was 5. I didn't wanna try any clothes or shoes. I wanted to continue playing outside, with my dog and bike, so I run away to my grandma house, 500 meters away from mine ahahaha (my dad was pissed)
7. Love the ocean. Love being in the water. Love the Sun.
8. I don't let anyone enter my room with their outside shoes. I make them take it off. For real.
9. My favorite ice-cream flavor is pistachio.
10. I drink, breathe and live painting. If I could I would live on the National Gallery of London. I also paint on canvas with oil.
11.The last 2 dogs my family had we picked them either from the street (abandoned) and because the original family didn't want them anymore.

The 11 questions I got from Silvana
1. What's the origin of your blog? 
I created it almost 2 years ago during the summer. Mainly because I already took way too many photos so I figured I should do something with them and posting them on facebook would be way too weird, way too much so I opened up this blog (which I'm very proud off, I really like it)
2. Your blog is a part of you all know or do you prefer to keep it a secret and only special people know of its existence?
I kept it a super-secret for a couple of months, the time it took me to put it the way I wanted. Nowadays more and more people around me get to know it, just not the all bunch. Most don't even know I love photography. No matter what there'll always be someone criticizing, judging so i rather avoid it, for now. This is my little world, an escape, a part of me I don't show on a daily basics, it's private. I don't need any more negativism specially when it doesn't lead to improving. So yes, only special people get to see it.
3.You don't leave the house without..
During college, my mp3, my phone and the transportation pass. On holidays, my sunglasses, a bottle of water and some chain (and my camera) :D
4. Neutral or colorful makeup? And which makeup product you have more?
Neutral. I think I might have a tie between the nail polishes and the eye-shadows though :p
5. Casual or bold clothes?
Depends what I'm looking for. If I wanna make myself notice: bold, but I'm more of a casual kinda girl * leggings all the way*.
6. Do you prefer straight or curly hair?
I have wavy heavy hair, so the all idea of waking up without a bush on the top of my head is a dream. I prefer straight hair: easier to brush, to take care, always looks good. But curly hair is more fun, has more personality.
7. Which product would you recommend to all of us?
Jess Idk...I believe the main reason for not enjoying the full benefit of a face cream is the lack of the right tonic, specially for the oily, acne prone skin. I can advice you the one I use from Vichy the Normadem 3 in 1 purifier lotion, around 14€ for 200ml. It works wonderfully to me, shrinks the pores and promotes the absorption of the face creams.
8. Favorite movie?
I have tones I can't just pick one. There's Pride and prejudice, Chicago, Moulin Rouge, Notebook, The Hours, Finding never land, Pirates of the Carabean, Troy, Modigliani, Inception, Titanic, Harry Potter, Chocolate, The bright Star...
9. Favorite music?
It changes, as of now it's radioactive from Imagine Dragons. It's epic. When i'm listening to it I picture myself as supermen or batman, super invincible. When I'm listening it I wanna jump of couches, I wanna fly and if I'm wearing my robe I swing it around, opening doors in a very dramatic way scaring people off. (* crazy here*)
10. Favorite blogs?
All the ones I follow.
11. What is your dream?
The same as Silvana, be happy. To get a job I like, be healthy, get a place on my own, have babies, be able to travel, not needing to count every single cent at the end of the month, be close to those I love most. Feel accomplished with my life. Yeah a huge dream.

The 11 blogs I nominate:
- Tiffany from garlicandsalt-tiffany.blogspot.pt mainly about food, recipes but also about her life, her married life, her life story. It's a pretty awesome blog.
- Peji from peiji.blogspot.pt/ a curious beauty blog, she presents new brands, eco-friendly products. She's unbelievable good with nail art. She also post about outfits and food.
- Minnie from minerella.blogspot.pt/ a girl with gorgeous eyes. She writes mainly about beauty products but also,outfits, recipes, hauls.
- Rita from rita-f.blogspot.pt/ A good friend of mine.I love the girl. She's awesome with words/writing you can feel her emotions through her writing. (only in Portuguese).
- Subi Lama from subilama.blogspot.pt posts amazing outfit photos, reviews and trips.
- Anna from annainspired.blogspot.pt writes about her daily life, food, trips. It's a warming blog, if it makes sense.
pinkbowicecream.blogspot.pt she posts outfits, food, fashion.
- Rachel from littlepurpleorchid.blogspot.pt/ posts about beauty products, outfits, photography.
daydreamingteacup.blogspot.pt she posts about trips, beauty products, food, her dog.
- Cat from witheveryheartbeat-witheveryheartbeat.blogspot.pt/ writes about her daily life, simple things, her Erasmus, her pets, her thoughts, trips. It's a lovely and funny blog. (only in Portuguese)
- Marta from creepers-and-cats.blogspot.pt/ she posts about fashion, music.

The new 11 questions:
1. What led you to start a blog?
2.Why do you keep doing it?
3.Your blog is a part of you all know or do you prefer to keep it a secret and only special people know of its existence?
4.Favorite thing you love must to do outside the virtual world?
5. Which beauty product (makeup or skincare) would you recommend to all of us?
6. Favorite music?
7. Favorite movie?
8. Favorite book?
9. Favorite blog?
10. What is your dream?
11.Where do you see your blog, or how do you see it in 5 years from now?

Hope you've liked this post. I hope it wasn't too boring.
Official on weekend, oh yeah!

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  1. Thank you! Thank you for choosing me and for what you said about my blog... Big smile right now :)

    Normally I don't do these, but I like this! It has a personal touch. I will probably do it sometime this weekend, but yes, I will keep the blog train rolling.

  2. Muito obrigada pelo prémio, és uma querida!

  3. Muito obrigada pela nomeação princess :) Fiquei muito contente só não vou responder porque já fui nomeada mais vezes e agora já nem sei bem o que dizer..ahah...de qualquer das maneiras muitoo obrigada :) beijinho