Óbidos - Chocolate Festival 2013

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Hey gatinhas!
Last Sunday was my dad's b-day, and to celebrate we went for the 1st time to the Chocolate Festival in Óbidos. It's well know to the public eye, highly publicity on tv, radio, newspaper...
The festival is open during 22nd of February to 17th of March, the tickets for adults (over 12 years old) cost 7€ (not cheap).
To the general public, the obligatory point of this festival is the exhibition of sculptures, real works of art all in chocolate dedicated to the Charlie and the Fabric of Chocolate and the story of chocolate. There's also body painting, courses, demonstrations and I even got the chance of trying out a couple sweets for free.

This drink is called "Ginjinha". A liqueur produced by maceration of a fruit similar to the cherry, very popular in Portugal. So I had one. Served in a cup of chocolate. It was 1€.

A huge variety of Bonbons with different flavors. Each at 0,50 cent.

One of the free chocolate sweets I tried. I dipped a fruit of my choice (the pineapple) in some hot chocolate fudge. So good!!

While I was waiting for my chance at the fruit dipped in Chocolate, there was a "moment" of bod painting, and the girl was so nice posing for my camera.
And then the chocolate sculptures followed. Can you identify the theme?

There were always this chocolate related characters, talking to the smallest ones, stealing smiles and shy glances. Even their voices were staged. Hilarious!

I've never seen Óbidos more beautiful, so full of life. 
Óbidos itself is a lovely, a very charming village, built inside a wall (not the entire village, but the most iconic houses are inside the wall and have to stay that way)
I really liked it, the sculptures were amazing!
Have a good week

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  1. Chocolate festival = WIN. So awesome!

  2. That is such an amazing festival to have! It's the first I've heard of anything like it. It both looks and sounds like a great deal of fun though, so thanks for sharing!

  3. Que maravilha! Adorava ir *.*
    Eu já acho o contrário querida. Acho o Mc mais gorduroso... são opiniões :)

    Fica atenta, amanhã haverá uma grande surpresa no blog*
    Beijinho ♥♥
    FB blog
    O sonho de hoje é a realidade de amanhã