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Hello pretty ladies!
So another food post how awesome!It's the part 2 of my dad's birthday. After we visited the chocolate festival in Óbidos in the morning, around 12h30pm we headed back to Ericeira to have lunch at the restaurant Viveiros do Atlântico, an old favorite. We've been there (not quite) exactly the same day as last year for the same motive, my dad's bday. Thankfully it didn't take 5 years to go back. 
It didn't disappoint. The quality and the service were amazing, very quick and friendly. The place was packed, we arrived close to 13h40 and we still had to wait 10 minutes for a table.
We choose a more light wallet dish, it had a number and a name but I frankly don't remember. It had shrimp, lobster, crab and crab stuffing, sea snails, sea whelks, clams and "percebes" for the price of 97,50€. It didn't have seafood rice we had to order it separately which was cheaper than getting all together (by 15€).

The seafood rice consisted of rice, tiny shrimps, salsa, clams...It's really good. If not done correctly is tasteless and liquid but not this one. It's was extremely well done. Served in a hand painted pottery. It was 6.50€  (I was expecting it to be more).

How do you get through the hard shell of both the lobsters and the crab? You smash it! With a hammer and a double fork tool. It's an adventurous and stress relieve meal and ...possibly dangerous as well, or just messy ahahah

If you happen to want another crab filling, the Recheio de Sapateira, it's 9,50€. But if you want the all crab that's when it's those 22,50€.
The desserts were generally around 2,85€, the drinks each were 1,40€. The one thing I though had a high price was the coffee at 1€ each.
We left the restaurant feeling happy and full, with a 10% discount for the next time. I highly recommend this place!

And to finish off in a brilliant way a most wonderful day, we went to the beach, to enjoy the warm sun. And since it was low tide you could see the entire coast.
Happy weekend!

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  1. Que óptimo aspecto essa comida tem!

  2. All of that food looks soooo good!

  3. Lobsters and crab! I haven't had them in ages, so I envy you. The food looks delicious! That aside, great pics, the beach looks lovely!

  4. Opa...que inveja! Tenho imensa vontade de ir à feira de chocolate mas ainda não se fotos ficaram óptimas!! :)