Carnaval - Torres Vedras!!!

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Hello bloggers!! Look what i've been up to these couple of days!!!! CARNAVAL!!
For those who don't know Carnaval is the same as party, have fun and play dress up, we mask ourselves with what we want, we go outside and celebrate with others!
In Portugal there's a great carnival tradition.The most important carnivals are the ones from Madeira (where immigrants who left would lead to the tradition of Carnival in Brazil), Ovar, Loures, Loulé, Sesimbra and Torres Vedras one of the oldest. Obviously each region puts its own unique take on the festival.
The famous Torres Vedras Carnival is described as the "most Portuguese in Portugal." Those looking for a less touristy Carnival experience should visit this town where the locals are the stars. The celebration highlight is a parade of creatively decorated streetcars satirizing society and politics.
And it is so much fun!

 The "matrafonas" or men disguised as women wearing a costume that looks as bad and horrible as possible,
is for sure one of the strongest symbols of the Carnival of Torres. They are suppose to satirize some of the more feminine ways,and give a view of women, not always innocent and never example from the male perspective. It's just for the laugh not meant to take it serious. But let me let you that they do suffer for the costume, with high heels and all!

"Carros Alegóricos" or allegoric cars. The design and construction are entirely local
Isn't it amazing or what?
The theme is based on the satire on current national and international. But no less true!

Yup the "Matrafonas" don't let nothing by chance!
Sometimes i honestly believe they wait the all year just to get to dress as women during Carnival!

These one was the best costume to me, it's just one person the man on the back! The women carrying the men is so terribly funny and true! AWESOME outfit dude!

Only during Carnival!

Now these guys were smart and wore comfy granny shoes! ahah they looked amazing!

 Always music!

It's hard to tell who have the more fun, the Viewers or the participants.
The amazing thing is that they would came up to us and interacted with us.

These huge heads figures are called "Cabeçudos", another artistic way to satire the society and to make us laugh!Cus you can't help to notice the resemblant and think "Oh my god, it's so true"!

Did u like it?
Happy Carnival everybody! Enjoy life you know what they say " It's Carnival, nobody takes it the wrong way!"
Good week!

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  2. Great post! Love the pictures, it certainly seemed like a fun time!