Last Sunday

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(last sunday like a week ago XD)
I went to FIL, meaning, international fair crafts.
Among the 3 pavilions I found a bit of every culture. In the first one there was only national crafts, the second foreign ones and the last was where all the food laid.
I got lost specially in the second pavilion! Among the drums of Angola, exotic bags from Morocco, gold from Argentina, jewelry from Africa and pottery from pretty much everywhere, it was an easy task really.
I got so amazed and concentrated at sniffing every stand I barely took any photos!!

3 types of spicy sausage

Only when we sat down to grab a snack I remembered I was carrying my camera, so I took a few and shy photos of the space.
I end up buying the big necklace on the photo for a most more affordable price then the originally one! What do you think?


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  1. Nice picture! Anyway, what camera do you use? Lovely!
    You deserve more followers!

    Aya (: xx