My sexy Christmas tree

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Aha goctha you! How could a Christmas tree look sexy?sounds like a jenna marbles type of thing :p
So like last year, I'm posting my x-mas tree, green this year, literally older than me and I'm heading towards my 18th b-day (for the 4th time) but it still stands proud and pretty!
The elect colours were gold and red with the usual décor plus a new golden star and 3 reindeers!
You'll see the poor tree looks like it's been through a rough time...'cus it has ahahah me and my sis decided to prank my dad by placing the Christmas tree right by the front door so that when he would open it he would be engulfed by a sea of green, red, gold and small noises. Well mission accomplished we managed to get a what the f**** expression followed by wide smile and a "my daughters are crazy"

Last year 2011 vs This year 2012

Another new bakery related thing this year is me trying to do cakes with fondant or sugar paste! It looks amazing, if done correctly obviously! I'll say I ate as much fondant as the one I it's a lie, no it may very well be true ahaha
 Also I tried do ginger cookies they're so good, even without nothing they taste amazing. Totally recommend them, definitely worth all the work ;)

And to finish more Christmas lightings from Sintra. My favourite so far, so charming, goes perfectly with the town.

Hope you've had the most wonderful of Christmas and a blast at the new year's party!
I wish you all the very best: health, peace, joy, love, success!

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  1. So pretty ! :) I like the last years white one too, since it's so unusual to me. Everyone has a green tree here, plastic or real one. :)

    Happy 2013!

    Indie by heart

  2. Happy New Year! :)
    aw I liked your white Christmas tree
    I like the gold and red on the one you had recently too
    The cake looks very cute with the gingerbread men!