Christmas' Lights

20:24 Ana 3 Comments

Happy Holidays to everyone!!

I'm finally on my  Christmas' break!Yesss Finally, This semester has been the busiest ever.
On this post I'll show some bits of the Christmas's lights from these year in Lisbon, a huge difference from last year no-Christmas's lights- it's the recession shitty excuse:/
Apparently everyone opened their eyes and this year every town put up their Christmas' lights, and it's a sight to see, really brings up that it's Christmas spirit.
I love to walk around at night seeing all those lights lighting up the dark and cold nights.

Hope You've enjoyed!
Happy Christmas my dears!!


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  1. The Christmas lights look amazing! It really draws you in to the festive Xmas mood, it must have been fun walking around and enjoying all the lights!

  2. Gorgeous lights ! They're much bigger than we have around the city. :) Thank you for the comment x

    Indie by heart

  3. Night lights are one of the reasons why I'm such a nighttime person! These are just so mesmerising <3