"God to the sea peril and abyss has given"

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December already. How did it happen?
December is always a rough month for me, everything happening at the same time, it's a lighting speed time for me. And quite frankly family can be exhausting! Add school, work, sentimental life and I'm out gosh let it be over soon.

I'll leave you with a re-found exert from a favourite book of mine, from the time I was smart / intelligent. No more.

"Was it worthwhile? All is worthwhile
When the spirit is not small.
He who wants to go beyond the Cape
Has to go beyond pain.
God to the sea peril and abyss has given
But it was in it that He mirrored heaven."

exert from "Mar Português", A mensagem by Fernando Pessoa.
Have a great week!
Pictures from Carcavelos.

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  1. Time has gone by so fast, it was just summer and now we're already waiting for Christmas! :D But, it just means that next summer is more near.

    Lovely photos and quote.

    Indie by heart

  2. Beautiful words!

    Feliz Natal!!!