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Hi Bloggers!
Last Sunday afternoon well past 16h I was taken blindly to Lisbon without anyone telling me exactly where we were going: a surprise! I was over the moon when I found out we were going to the hard rock cafe in Lisbon, one of my favourite places to go out at night or simply have the friendly cup of coffee. I love the vibe, being me a rock fan the hard rock is practically heaven for me with it's walls full of history and clothes, guitars and other props from the rock gods.
It's a huge hard rock cafe with it's two floors, the friendly service is well known to the hard rock customers, the food is freaking huge, the music is obliviously of very good taste and did I mention there's an entire Cadillac hanging from the celling?

Here's my snack! A freaking huge brownie, with vanilla ice cream, fresh cream, nuts, delicious warm & melted chocolate, sprinkles and of course a cherry on top of it all! A snack for two no doubt, for around 8 euros yes a bit too much but it's really damn good and quite honestly you don't have the hunger or space for diner after...I know I didn't, and even the lovely waitress teased me wishing me a good dinner ahahahah

Definitely a place to visit! I believe it's bigger than the hard rock of London even though they have an entire basement below their shop full /packed with more valuable stars goods but it's England for crying out loud. Other than the Lisbon I've only been in London
What's your favorite?
Have a good an productive week

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  1. I've been to the Lisbon Hard rock cafe too! Only Last year I went with my boyfriend :)
    I loved it, but I'm a huge fan of them, I've visited the one in London which I'd say is possibly a bit bigger than Lisbon, but It could be the same size, was a while a go I went, I've been to the one in manchester and Amsterdam too! haha, Loved this post, and that dessert looks incredible!

    Rachael X