Beauty Tip #1 - At home wax

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Hello ma dears!! Finally Friday right? Boy did this week went by low or what!
Well this post will be another topic turn of my usual posts. Today is entirely about beauty, not so much a beauty tip as I'm sure a lot of you know this already.
I gotta confess I love doing my upper lip "moustache" ahah out of the house specially at Wink where they use those tiny and strong cords you know? it looks amazing, it even takes those tiny little ones out, leaves my skin feeling so soft but then again I don't have or want to spend 6 euros to do it every 15 days.
So the other choice is to use wax at home before going in with tweezers.
Up to these days I use one from Veet specific to the upper lip area consisted of 5 small strips, around 4,99 euros. It's really good, easy to use and very efficient, catching all of the fluff at the first try, smells nice too like cherry.
But then my eye caught the ones for the legs from the exact same brand...

The exact design and all, at first the strips look alike (colour,texture the feel of it) expect for the size, being obviously bigger.
Each one of this boxes bring 10 big strips plus 2 wipes for 7,99 euros.
So the question was, is the wax the same or does the same as the one for the upper lip? YES!

The down side is the application. You do have to cut it to fit the upper lip area and it's a tiny bit messier.
But you do get 4 times more product if you don't mind using the scissors. I sure don't it will last me forever, and it does the same, feels the same, the same thing honestly.

So there that's my tip, go ahead and try to see if it's the same.

Other tips I use when waxing :
  • Use baby powder independent of the area you're waxing 'cus it will help the wax attach to the fluffs and facilitates the whole process being faster.But not too much or the wax won't attach at all, it will slide on it.
  • Wax after washing and drying the skin 'cus since the skin is hungry for some hydrating it will adhere way better to the wax. But beware of dry skin since it can leave a burn.
  • Try not to wax twice on the same place it will 99% of the times leave a burn.

Any recomendations I'm all ears!
Hope you've enjoyed this unsual post from me.
Happy weekend

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  1. olá! engraçado que uso a mesma tecnica que tu, ensinou-me a minha avó! ahah. podias dar uma espreitadela pelo meu pequeno blog? btw, sigo. beijinhos :)

  2. I use this type as well! and they work for me, but I always run out of cleaning wipes, 2 are not enough for me :)
    thanks for your comment! I'm following you with GFC. I would love if you could follow me back.
    Lali pops of colour

  3. I actually bought these but I've been too afraid to use them haha. Great post :)