Coffee by the harbour

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HI there!How have you been? Good I hope
Last Sunday I was pretty much dragged out of bed to take a relaxed walk by the beach, something I haven't done for quite a while I gotta confess, why? life happens and it gets rather busy (and I lazy as hell)
Well after the tantrum I put off I went, and I liked it, and gosh how I missed smelling that deep salty air by the morning, feeling that chilly and reassuring weather by the sea making me take refugee in my hoodie. Talking small talks full of meaning and having that usual tiny cup of coffee.

We ended up going to the harbour of Oeiras where a sufficient amount of people with their kids or grand-kids, besides still being early, were happily gathered. And my friendly coffee couldn't be missing.
A little time after we went all the way back by the beach till the car.

I've been worrying pretty much about the world, the crisis yaddy yaddy....
Sometimes even when everything seems going the wrong way with no sunshine on the horizon you just gotta keep living and believing. 'Cus lets be real, my grandparents and even my parents lived worst and in a time with less food and prospect of a better life and they still made it.
Keep the head held high along with your spirit, Always!

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  1. Bonitas fotos :p

    Sinceramente esperava outra coisa do MUDE. No que toca ao design tem coisas lindas, e muito antigas. Mas no que toca à moda, desiludiu um bocadinho, porque não tem muita coisa :s
    Tinha outro andar, mas não dava para lá ir. Talvez ai tenha mais coisas :)

  2. You always go to such lovely places and take lovely shots! And like you said, it's best to keep a positive mind, to be optimistic and see the world in all its good rather than bad and make the most out of life!