Oh damn you Sales!

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Hello jollies!
Is it just me or don't the shops this year (of recession no less) have amazing, gorgeous stuff?? we have less money, we're less incline to buy and spend so they got better stuff, how fair!
I'll basically show you the stuff I got during the sales.I think in the last month and a half,  I've recovered 4 months of not buying anything clothes related.
Shoes, I got another 2 pairs, because a girl can't have enough right? Or so I tell myself to feel better :P
The black /leopard one I got from Forever, a shoe shop with higher quality, the original price was 49,95€ I got them for 30€, and boy are they comfortable, it's a lot different from cheaper ones.
Those black ankle boots with all those studs on the heel are from Zara. It was a finding. I looked and I couldn't believe there was my number and the price were a surprising 19,99€ when the original price was over 55€ . Really good to walk, they're comfortable and steady with the solid large heel.

About shirts from L-R: The green with grey studs on the shoulders, collar and pockets is from Blanco, cost me 14,99€ when the original was 22€, and I love it, I've worn it a lot, it isn't see through and it isn't thin.
The black with also fewer studs on the shoulders was from Stradivarius at 12,99€.
The grey sweater with studs on the shoulders from Mango was actually one (along with the denim up next) I was eyeing before the sales went up and I'm glad i nailed it.I paid 14,99€ when it was 29,99€ a complete steal!
The black one with the girl with red hair is from Punt Roma and it was 19,99€, the original price was 29,99€. It's a ashirt with 2 type of fabric.

From L-R: the petrol blue with 3 studs on each shoulder is also from Stradivarius I've paid 5,99€ for it.
I wasn't sure about it, because it has a generous neckline, nothing much but more than what I'm used to.
The denim is from Mango, it's a really good quality I've paid 19,99€ when the original were a horrible 34,95€ (what??)
The white flowy, with a doll on the front, from Zara, I've paid 14,95€ when  before sales was 22€. It's more of a chic shirt.

The last t-shirts, from L-R, also a black with (again) studs is from Zara I paid 9,99€, and I'm not sure if the original price was 14,95 or 12,99€.
Then I got a t-shirt in a different colour,because as you can see I already have enough black, with once again some applications on the shoulders from New Yorker.I paid 6,95€ when the price before sales was 14,90€.

Please keep in mind that I didn't buy it all at one go!
The ones from Mango were the first ones, just 3 days after Christmas while the black leopard boots were the last item I got almost a week ago.
Either way no more clothes for me, from now on I can only get socks!! LOL
What bargains have you got?
Happy weekend my dears

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  1. I love sales like that! Sweaters for $5 have been my things this winter :) Have fun with all your new stuff!!! :)