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Hi pretty ladies!
Have you ever been in Cascais?
I went to the lovely village of Cascais and let me tell you it's a complete nightmare to park the car, or even move around in it. They've done a complete mess with the traffic being difficult to reach the center of Cascais for a simple walk. That's why I honestly avoid Cascais.
Being that said it's a lovely place with it's palms trees, tiny streets, the salty smell filling the air. There's a coffee shop in every corner each very welcoming. I always link Cascais to my summer days, full of sun, warm and nothing but free time, no stress, walking around, joking around. It felt good to go back :P

We even went to the oh so well known ice cream shop Santini to eat the most delicious ice creams ever!!
And then my eye got the sight of Arcadia, in the main street with the palms tree. A well renowned chocolate and coffee shop. Sadly they didn't sell coffee but they did sell Macaroons. So I though eh why the hell not, in for a penny in for a pound...I brought 6 home ahahah

I bought 2 of passion fruit (the purple ones), 1 of raspberry (pink), 1 of Port wine (brown) and 2 of peppermint (green). Being the passion fruit and the Port wine my favorite!
What are macaroons? Well they're crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside. The crunchy part is made of almond, sugar powder, eggs white. The gooey part well it can be anything really, from chocolate ganache to butter cream...Definitely worth the try!

Also Arcadia has the most beautiful chocolate eggs for Easter, painted by hand, they're really beautiful. Just get inside to see, because the detail they put is out of this world.

Good weekend and I wish you all a most happy Easter!

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  1. wow, i miss so mcuh cascais, i've been there twice and i loved that. pretty nice pics, btw

  2. Fotos lindíssimas ♥♥

  3. gorgeous pics! xoxo
    love, Yulia

  4. Lovely photos! and yummm macarons and ice cream :)