Multimedia Show on Terreiro do Paço, Lisboa

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During the Easter weekend the Palace Square (Terreiro do Paço) was transformed into a giant screen where the multimedia show designed "Palace Square - our Square" was projected.
It was so lovely!
The spectacle of light and sound lasted 17 minutes. It celebrates the arrival of spring and Easter through sequences of strong penchant poetic and colorful animations based on workshops with children and children's drawings.
I was dazzled!
Even though it was raining (and it hasn't stop yet) there was a generous amount of people there. I wasn't all that brave, instead I stayed foot inside the car enjoying the show, hence the weird angles. Either way I loved it, It was really lovely. It isn't every day I get to see Terreiro do Paço full of colors like that

I'm still a bad photographer during the night, and on the top with moving figures!urghh
I took a bunch of photos but most were blurred sadly :(
Anyway, we're all still waiting for the so called spring to arrive and end the endless rain

Good weekend!

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  1. It looks amazing! Once again, I envy how there seems to be so much of these great events and happenings where you are!