The little devils!

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Meet devil Nº1. Always excited no matter what is Luna. Our ball of energy, noise and pee. Our Yorkshire terrier.
It was love at first sight when on a lovely Friday night she came bursting in, really nervous, licking us, ears down, looking all cute.
She was firstly bought and then offered to a 2 years little girl by her grandpa's, my mum's colleague. Turns out Luna was too much of a ball of energy for them to handle, so my mum opened our home to Luna. She thought "how much trouble can a small cute dog like her be?" She was so WRONG!
Yes she's the real deal, with pedigree and all. The kind of dog me and my sis looked through the windows of the pet shop both delighted and shocked at the price of such a cute little dog
She's been with us for the last 5 years :D

And little devil Nº2 is my sister. Beatriz, she's 14. She loves to make me look dumb, pulls pranks on me whenever she can, she's constantly asking me drive her to the shopping mall, McDonald's, to cook for her, make pancakes, buy sweets, clothes, the normal teenage girl. The light of my life.

And when you put these 2 little jewels together in the same room, you're in  for a treat, lots of laughing, running, falling, screaming, squeals and the room is left a mess. And a lot happier.

Luna barks at everything she finds suspicious! And she will try to bite, whether is be a bigger dog, men working on the street, a ball, flowers, chickens, cats she chases them for real, lizards and there was this one time when she bit a rat head off and prayed around really proud of it! We were disgusted :o

Hope you've liked this unusual post
Do you have a pet?
Have a good week, mine is going to be so very long :(

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  1. That's so adorable <3 Looks like keeping up with both of them are a challenge, but it looks like it's worth it!

  2. Gostei muito do teu blog! Vou seguir :) beijinhos

  3. Apenas consegui ver isto de relance e ainda nem sequer era bem noite, mas pelas tuas fotos pareceu-me que foi um momento a não esquecer. Gosto do teu blog :*

  4. aww how adorable! I love how the hair is covering the eyes XD