Are you up to some Piglet?

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Hello gorgeous!
I'm kinda of late at showing my family lunch out to celebrate my b-day, life has caught up with me.
Nonetheless here it is. We, like last year, decided to eat some divine piglet. We headed to Negrais, a promise land for the piglet dish.
We choose Tia Alice this time. Just to change up things a bit and because we've heard so much about it being better than Caneira. It didn't disappointed. We arrived at 2pm and still had to wait 15 minutes for a table, that's how good the restaurant is, it's reputation is gigantic.
They have a lovely decor, so fresh, charming and warm. I really like what they've came up with.

The desserts stand uh-lá-lá

First things first, the entries. Consisted of fresh bread, smoked sausage and fresh cheese. Really good! I like to eat the fresh cheese unsalted but go ahead and sprinkle it with salt or pepper. I just wish they would put more sausage ahahah it was gone under a minute!

And voilá, the main dish, piglet roasted to perfection in a wood oven. Really juicy, tender meat. Even better than Caneira, and I loved Caneira. But my god it was even better. The meat was roasted but still moist and succulent, the skin was really crispy. I don't know what they're doing differently but it's working!
Accompanied by fried potatoes, salad and some crispy rice yes the rice with livers and I still separate the liver from the rice ah! And even the potatoes tasted better.

"Arroz de miúdos" Rice consisted of gizzards and livers

And to end the meal, but of course the coffee.
A divine meal, definitely worth the wait!! Highly recommend to eat some piglet. One of best places for me!
The people are really nice, really quick, efficient, they're friendly, feels like a "family".
I'm hungry all over again Ah!
Have a good weekend :D

The restaurant seen from outside
Love, love, love my cake! (My mom made it for me, herself, how awesome is that?)

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  1. The restaurant has such a lovely interior! The food looks great as well - especially that cake, your mum is amazing! On a side note, happy belated birthday!

  2. Esse bolo deve ter demorado imenso tempo para ser feito! Ficou lindíssimo! :) x

  3. Parabéns (atrasados)! :D
    As fotografias deram-me cá uma fome! A comida tinha ótimo aspeto.

    r: Concordo. :)
    Nota-se que gostas, fotografas muito bem. :)

  4. oh no, I missed your birthday!? when was it exactly?
    anyway, Happy Super Belated Birthday!! :)
    and wow, your mom is quite a talent! the cake looks great,
    I thought it was store bought!