Guincho, Cascais

22:08 Ana 4 Comments

Hello pretty ladies!
How have you been?
Guincho. An extremely windy beach perfect for the practice of surf,windsurfing and kite-surfing  It featured in one of the first James Bond movie. You can see the mountain starting at the right. Surrounded by luxurious restaurants. It's truly a beautiful place to visit. Going there works as kinda like therapy, a stress relieved routine. I park the car, open up the window just to feel the cold breeze and breathe the salty smell of the waves for a few moments (thought not enough to falling asleep :p).
And I just so happened to catch Guincho on a bright day, the colors were amazing!

Not even the fact I've been bitten on the foot by a catfish makes me any less inclined to return!
Love it!
Enjoy the weekend and get out of the house!

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  1. i'm totally in loev with cascais, i was there once and it was amazing

  2. Uau, esse local é lindo! Nunca lá estive, mas espero visitar. Foste tu que fotografaste? :)
    r: Também adoro brigadeiros! :D

  3. gorgeous view!
    love, Yulia

  4. Já me fartei de ouvir falar muito bem do Guincho, mas nunca lá fui!
    Fotos lindas!! :)