I've bought shoes!!

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Hi there my princesses! How have you been?
Yes, I've been naughty once again, I went shopping with my very good friend Rita the past Friday during a 4h and half gap (:/) we had at the uni. Hey I needed shoes and winter boots for real!I've use the last ones so much that they're literally falling apart. Specially the flat ones, jess they had a huge hole on the bottom ahah
I always go for the steady, solid heel plus it needs to be comfy to use all day. Easy to clean, dark colours preferentially. And light on the wallet!
So first stop was Teresinha I love that shoe shop. If your looking for cheaper shoes at a standard quality this is it. I think I managed to hook Rita on it :p I bought there both the black flats (11,90€) and the black ankle boot (27,50 € ). And I was suppose to stop here, being "suppose" the big fat liar.
Yesterday after getting back from the march rally I went to a shopping mall to eat something and then I saw these sneakers, the big trend this winter as my dear Rita told me. She has been lusting after a pair from Zara:P I've tried it on, it's so comfortable and looks so cool, I bought them (29,90€). I blame Rita for introducing the all sneaker fever to me ahahaha not that I honestly mind, I love them! Even my sis bought a pair although slightly different.
And that's how I made a big damaged to my bank account :P
Nevertheless those 4 and half hours weren't enough to see all of the shops in Lisbon. I guess we'll have to go back don't we Rita?
I'll leave you with the photos of the shopping shoe-free.

The Prada building is so gorgeous

Apologies for the 2 days delay at posting. The uni has already taken its tool on me.
Friday I couldn't help it, I went to bed at 21h15pm for goodness sake.I literally couldn't keep my eyes open.
Have a fantastic week gorgeous!

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  1. All three shoes are gorgeous but my favourits are the wedge sneakers!! Love the colour so much and it is one of my favourit trends at the moment:)

    Hope you visit me on my blog