Lisboa menina e moça...

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Hello gorgeous! How have you been?
My holidays are gone, I'm back at uni. I was sorta of fed up with not having anything new and challenging to do but I'm not excited with the prospect of exams either, or facing some teachers either :/
With that being said, I want those colder days to arrive. Summer is great and all, but I want to wear scarf, boots, jackets. I want those shorter days back and honestly I most certainly do not want to use the public transportation or to be out all day while it's hot. It's suffering. It really is. I'm telling you I'm gonna end up melted down in a puddle of water by the train during one of these hot summer days :D And I'm not including the traditional hot and heavy and black college attire.

Confeitaria Nacional a classic! But with tiny desserts at least to me they are!


I saw the tourists glued to the pastry's windows lusting after our tasteful cakes and happy to be doing the photosynthesis. And me thinking, yes this is my capital!
It's beautiful, one of a Kind.
There's a higher variety of shops, higher quality at a smaller price (at least compared to where I live ). From what I saw there were some great deals on wedges, sandals specially at Calçado Guimarães. But I didn't buy anything, not even shoes. The shops are still full of summer stuff so there's nothing for the upcoming season for the next week. Which it was what I wanted. I'll have to wait.

What about you. Where to you buy your clothes / shoes?
Do you buy when you feel the need, or you do it like me and buy beforehand and stop there?
Have a good weekend

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  1. Meu Deus agora fiquei cheia de fome com as coisas da pastelaria!! As fotos estão super giras! Beijinho Ana!

    Style Lullaby

  2. Muito obrigada! Parecia mesmo :)

  3. I've been in Lisboa just three months ago... I miss it so much, this city is just amazing! And so are your pictures :) xx

  4. That bronzed statue is so cool. Great photos, looks like an amazing place to visit.