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Hello gorgeous!
I'm sure you've probably heard of beauty bay an UK online shop for beauty items (with the lower prices of the market) with free delivery but of course.
It was my first time ordering from this website and i wanted to share it with you, in case your still undecided or if you just like to know how it goes.
On this post I'll basically do a review on their service, if it's safe, an opening package sort a of thing mixed with how must it was.

How it went:
I selected 2 bottles of china glaze nail polish that i can't get here or if I can they're ridiculously expensive beyond understanding. Wrote down my address &  paid using Visa. Immediately after I've received an e-mail saying "yes we've acknowledge your order Miss".
I post my order on a Friday 31st of August a dumb thing to do since they don't work on the weekends and rightfully so. Therefore I only received the e-mail confirmation that my order has been dispatched on Monday, 3rd September.
I then received the actual package 8 days after on Tuesday, September eleven.
The package arrived safe and sound, the actual cardboard box was inside the black plastic bag.
The nail polish was all wrapped in a bubble bag and in turn the bubble bag was surrounded in styrofoam all inside the cardboard box.

The price:

How it actually appeared on the passbook ("caderneta") or the coupon

Each bottle was 7,16£ , both 14,32£ . In Euro 18,12. Those 0,49 and 0,02 are the taxes.
Each china glaze bottle in Portugal retails at about 19,99 which makes this purchase a success.
But they're still bloody expensive. Just to think they retail at 6 dollars in the USA.

My opinion:
I'm satisfied with their service. Fast, it came by plane and I bet their not exactly based next to the airport. It had to go through the customers services, it went to head quarters of the post office, etc. All in 6 days because the post office is closed during the weekend.
I was terribly worried about the nail polish, would it crack, would I open the box to find all the nail polish blasted everywhere? Thank god it arrived in perfect state, it even survived after the postman tossed it over my fence just to safe me the time and trouble of heading down to the local post office XD Can you imagine?Me open those curtains to see who was ringing and suddenly see a black bag being tossed over my fence and screaming at the top of my lungs "NOOOOOOO!"

Why I buy online?
It's cheaper, easy, so far I have nothing to complain about.
With the IVA being here so high, plus the intermediaries profit the final price is way too much for me so I turn to online beauty shops specially the British ones. Cheap, fast service, it's worth it to save a few more bucks. I get to use "luxury" beauty products that I normally wouldn't be able to.
And I quite frankly don't like & want to buy anything here knowing 23% is going directly to the government! I'm tired of it. They're too greedy, I want them to go....whatever far away from me.

Will I buy more nail polishes? Hell no, they're still expensive. It was a splurge. A 2 year splurge in the making. I'll probably just buy L'oreal shampoos, TIGI shampoo and conditioner for my sis, that sort a of thing, but not until the new year and with coupons :P

My personal tips when buying online:

I've bought from on-line websites twice from Feelunique and once from lookfantastic (see the review here), being feel unique my favourite simply because is the fastest one. Both offer free delivery by the way.

 - Buy during the sales. I only buy from on-line shops on specific times of the year, the sales. The summer sales and the sales after Christmas 'cus that's when they lower the prices even more.
- Give the time and effort to compare the prices between websites. Read tones of reviews on both their customer services and the actual products that you're thinking of buying.
- Visit websites that have voucher and discount codes for you to use like, or simply tied it down on google.
- Make sure it's safe. I use the mbnet system. It basically creates a virtual & temporarily visa card where you put the amount of money you want in there, I only put enough to post the order. That way they can't get to all your money.
- If your buying for the first time, then only order 1 product, just to try it out, see if takes a long time, if it actually works and all.
- If your buying in a different coin make sure to check the rating. Pound is usually higher during the summer.

Hope you've find this very long post somewhat useful
If you have anymore questions or doubts please ask, or even suggestions I'll be sure to answer them all.
Have an awesome weekend

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  1. I've never heard of that website, I'll have to try it :) the one I use is which is great and has free shipping world wide! It does suck that everything's so expensive now, I bought Redken shampoo & conditioner from Luxembourg and it cost 40€! I then got it 10-15€ cheaper on feelunique :)
    the nail varnish colours are gorgeous by the way :)