Fátima e Mealhada

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Hello my dears! How have you been?
I'm posting today about a rather delicate theme: religion. I don't want to debate whether you should or not believe in it, I simply want to show you a bit of Fátima a place where in 13 May of 1917 "while guarding their sheep in Cova da Iria 3 children witnessed an apparition of a lady dressed in white (...) sent by God with a message of prayer, repentance and consecrations. That continue visiting them in the next few months (all on the 13th of each month)." Being the last apparition in October. "In addition, Our Lady of Fátima sent a message that consisted of three secrets: first, a vision of Hell where the souls of the sinful would travel without prayer; the second , prophesied the beginning of the Second World War; and ultimately, the mysterious third secret, which was written down by Lúcia dos Santos in 1944, and held by the Vatican, since 1957." (source: wikipedia)
Nowadays to mark the apparition's location is a Sanctuary. And I like to go there even thought it's 2 hours away we managed to get up early enough to attend the church. It's a calming, thankful and hopeful place.

The more economic side of Fátima

And then just because we were 1 hour away we decide to go have lunch at the piglet heaven that is Mealhada.
The River Mondego

And here it is, our restaurant of election to eat roast pig. We didn't came here for about 2 years my goodness, since it's ridiculously far away from our home. A bit expensive yes sadly it is, but it's really good!  Highly in fat but that crispy and roasted to perfection skin and soft, juicy meat is amazing.
You know how it is when you find a good place to eat you're not so keen to try others in fear of coming out nasty. But maybe next time, which should be 3 years from now or when pigs fly or when this crises is over, we'll probably try Virgílio dos Leitões. We heard it to be cheaper but equally as good.

The main course. Hungry yet?

Dessert time! From L-R: Mango Mousse, Leite Creme

 My choice the home-made chocolate Mousse!

Hope you've liked these post, it's about time I show you some dessert.
Have a productive week!

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  1. Eu adoro o leitão da Mealhada (:

  2. wow beautiful, looks like a great place!!!thx by the way for your lovely comment;D....it would be so nice if u check out my newest post, dear..have a great evening..http://lynnsprettymess.blogspot.de/ kisses #Lynn