Luso e Coimbra

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Hello my darlings!How have you been?
You'll be seeing the part 2 of the previous post Fatima e Mealhada or else it would have been huge!
Since we were nearby, we visited Luso, a town of the municipality of Mealhada, known for it's mineral waters employed in the treatment of kidney problems and skin ailments. And it truly is a beauty, somehow it reminds of Sintra (see here my previous post) for it's cool temperature, all those trees, the romantic feeling floating in the air, those antique houses build in those valleys and hills. It's also the home-based for a very well known Portuguese water company called Luso, yes the same as the town.

Now, what would you do if you happened to live near by a natural and free fountain of one of the best quality of water in the country? You would go fill your bottles wouldn't you? I know I would!
I'm even guessing that for those people going out go fill the bottles from the fountain must be a routine.

Obliviously I took the chance to fill my own bottle as well! The water is neither hard or soft, but you can definitely taste those minerals and oddly enough it's quite satiating. It's high quality water.

And then we even got to pass by Coimbra, just to enjoy the last sun light. A stupidly fast visit since we barely got out of the car.
Either way Coimbra, previously the capital during the middle-ages, is nowadays better know as "A cidade dos estudantes (The city of the students)" because it's "site of the oldest and one of the largest universities in Portugal – the University of Coimbra, a public university whose origins can be traced back to the 13th century." You gotta go to one of the students festivals like the Latada (or the tin can parade), to welcome the new academic year, it's epic. To me Coimbra is a town booming with culture and life!
(source: wikipedia)

I hope you've enjoyed this post dears, and have a rest of a good weekend and a even better week!

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  1. É realmente lindo, tens de visitar com mais tempo, penso que te irás apaixonar (:

  2. obrigada pelo comentário querida^^
    e sim, até agora está a correr tudo pelo melhor.