OOTD - Sunny Day

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 Enjoying the sun and the wonderful heat while it's here!!

Yahh for my goofy face!! I was trying to see through the sun light and that didn't turn out right, how surprising!

    So the white bandeau top that tights around the neck is from Berska. I really love this one because of those colorful beads. The top is kinda flowy and light perfect for hot summer days. In my opinion it's a beautiful top.

    The jeggings are from the clockhouse.

    Those light brown wedges are from Sapatarias Teresinha (street 1st December) in downtown Lisbon after the hard rock cafe and behind the theater D. Maria II. And what i specially like so much about these is that the sole is thick at the front. It's great because when the sole is thin it gives me the feeling of walking directly on the floor and for those who know the Portuguese sidewalk it can be quite uncomfortable and honestly kinda dirty :s

      The bracelets. The blue one is part of a set of 3 bracelets and that i got from Parfois. The other 2, the white and the dark brown one with the carved elephants i bought them from a local merchant by the sea during summer holidays a couple years ago in Portimão along with the shell bracelet and the tribal necklace. I don't usually buy the trendy bracelets i prefer the simple and natural looking ones because they always look nice, they're always on trend, they go with everything and last longer.

Ah yes my summer obession. A shoulderbag made of real leather, great quality from Ricamel, shop nº51 inside the Shopping Mall of Carcavelos. What else can i say?XD


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